Andrew Pitching

Has Andrew been progressing lately? Any closer to that 90mph mark?

Funny you should mention it. I was going to upload some video from this weekend. He was long tossing 320 feet prior to the season so he can reach 90 MPH. Of the mound however, he has been topping out at 85-86 but at that velocity his control is marginal. Here is some video from the JV game this weekend when he was throwing 81-83 MPH giving up 2 hits, 4 BB, and no runs over 5 innings with 8 Ks.

Semi front view at 210 FPS

Slide Step

Wind up

Looks like to me he can gain velocity by more forcefully internally rotating his back hip and creating more hip shoulder separation. Also, he probably could stay back just a split second longer.

He would certainly scare some hitters with that face. :smiley:

Keep up the good work. Don’t really have enough trust in my “analysis” to give any advice on the mechanics side.

Is he still long tossing everyday? Also have you gotten into any EV stuff or tunnel work?

Good looking Freshman. Mine is in the same area of velocity. 83-84. With a lot of the same Koufax looking mechanics. What camera are you using to get your slo-mo video?

Camera is a Casio Exilm. can record up to 1000 FPS but the pictures are to grainy above 210 FPS for my taste. He is not long tossing during the season.

He understands EV but has a tendency to try to get in a rut and just tries to throw it by people. I keep telling him to be a pitcher and not a thrower.

internally rotating the drive leg and back hip is not really what you need to focus on. When internally rotating you are keeping all the ground reaction forces that you have built up on the back leg and not transferring the weight forward towards the plate. It’s like the old school way of hitting called “squash the bug” you are keeping most of the weight back and not transferring it forward into the ball to drive it into the field of play. If you watch the side view video from the stretch, you see he internally rotates his back leg and his front leg just puts down and didn’t really gain much ground after sticking his hips out. If he could learn triple extension(extension of the ankle, knee, and hip flexor) he will take all the weight that’s on the back and thrust it forward. This creates a much more explosive delivery and more hip/shoulder separation and in return an increase in velocity.

I like just about everything about this delivery. He does just about everything necessary to support his high elbow slot (over-the-top). I’m surprised coaches over Weber have not tried to keep his head moving in a straight line toward home plate i.e. not allowing his head to move towards first-base which is absolutely necessary with such a high elbow slot.

One possible suggestion is that he may be getting his upper body too far forward to give him the best rotational leverage of his upper body. In other words it’s possible that if he kept his upper body back a little bit more prior to upper body rotation he may be able to generate better rotational leverage.

It would be interesting for you to videotape him long tossing and comparing his upper body posture when he throws 320 feet as compared to what he’s doing on the mound.

All in all a very nice delivery.

Coach Nyman, thank you for your comments and suggestions. We are trying to piece together his mechanics from information from Ron Wolforth and the Setpro website. Without your ebooks, I am glad we are on the right track. The problem with his torso going forward to early we know about and have been trying to correct it. That problem has improved from last year and we know that it still needs work. The idea of videoing his long tossing we started talking about this weekend. I guess great minds think alike. :smiley: