Andrew Lovato Pitching Analysis 2



In both videos it seems like he’s releasing a little high. What helped me with that is a longer stride helps keep the ball down. Just my opinion.


Thank you.


Stride looks a little short but may be a symptom rather than lengthening being a cure. Think it may be counterproductive to simply tell him to lengthen his stride. Telling a kid to lenghten his stride often results in “reaching out”. Would like to see @roger analysis.




I notice a lot of head tilt. I also notice is falling off to the glove side, some clips more than others but present in all.

Need Roger, or one of the “Coaches”…


Out of balance posture to the glove side.
Weak back side with little or no rotational torque.

He needs to keep his head over his hips, when your head is outside of your center mass, it takes energy to maintain your balance that could be going into the pitch and traveling toward the plate instead of traveling toward 3rd base to offset the head being on the 1B side.

He needs to work on extension off the posting leg. You see how his posting knee comes straight forward after release? That’s a sign that he’s not getting a lot of torque and possibly a strength issue with his glutes vs his hip flexors. His posting leg should follow through in an arc due to the rotational torque of his upper half. As he is now, he has no rotational energy or upper half separation and his flexors are overpowering his glutes and allowing his back leg to come forward.


Yes, he’s just dragging his post leg. It actually looks like he’s injured (not meant to be derogatory to the kid or the dad).

I’m not in the same world as these guys when it comes to advice, but I would have this kid really focus on pushing himself down the mound as hard as he can. If he needs work on explosive power, I would look at having him do lots of standing broad jumps.



Don’t know that I’d say he looks injured. I’d be curious about age, looks to be younger. Overall I’d say not bad and some things to work on. Coach Paul gave a very good analysis.


Something my son worked on last weekend with Coach House was getting the stride foot down in 1 sec or less while maintaining as high a leg lift as your core strength will allow. Do lots and lots of Hershiser drills. Also, 1" of head movement will cost you 2" of release point. This guy looks like he could release at least a foot closer to home than what he is doing due to head tilt alone.