AndresRodriguez Video

Dear Coach Ellis, My name is Andres Rodriguez. I''m from Venezuela, but I''m living in Tampa, FL. I''m 18 years old, and I''m trying to reach my goal of being a professional pitcher. My current speed is 81-84mph, but I''m very hardworking. I''m very worried about my speed because I want to become a power pitcher. Although I have good control, good spots, movement on my pitcher, and i know how to mix them, I really want to increase my speed in order to make it to the pros and be successful. My pitching coach tells me that in my games, he notices that my pushing in my legs, my hip speed, and my hip rotation are too poor. I just wanted to ask you for exercises to improve my hip speed, hip rotation and pushing. I have your ''stuff cuff'' and I''m very flexible. I''ve been following the program the most that i can, but my speed is not getting higher. Please help me. Thanks for your time. Andres

I’m not Steven Ellis but I’ll tell you, if you wish to increase your velocity, you’ll need to integrate the lower portion of your body into your delivery…mid-80’s is about as fast as the arm alone can deliver the ball, to achieve higher velocities you simply must get power to build from the ground up. your lower half is passive, also look into the concept of “intent”…having a beautiful motion is nice but it won’t get you to power pitcher status.