And so the sun sets, and I bask amongst the stars-Driven

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Original Post Date: March 13…

The realization of the beginning…
Starting each day with the accuracy of a Marksman,
A false sense of reality-each second, the uncrippling
Demise of past beginnings slowly disperses itself.
Like a shooting star, it casts itself high above the sky,
Only to be seen for a second,
But remain ingrained for an indefinite amount of time…

About Me: I’m an aspiring pitcher who will be moving to Omaha, NE at the end of this summer, following baseball season… In an effort to reign supreme over the barbaric nature of what has come to be the journey to prosper over the undaunting spiritual aura which hovers profusely around me, I stand here and say,

F*** Genetics!


Name: Frank

Age: I am now, officially, age 18!

Training: I would like to say thank you one more time to Jacob of USPlabs for extending his help to me, and getting me in contact with Jon Doyle of the Renegade Training Squad…

Training Days:

Philosophy: Mind>Matter, “F*** Genetics!”

Sport: Baseball-Pitcher

Goals: To throw 90 plus mph consistently with sound mechanics…

To continually increase LBM to help aid pitching performance, and for personal reasons…

To increase recovery times in order to allow myself to continually train harder and harder…

To be signed to a Major or Minor League contract before the age of 22…

And, of course, to never injure my pitching arm!


I want to be an elite athlete, and not just excell at one aspect of my sport, but dominate all aspects! I have huge ambitions… That is all I will say for now; I will let my actions speak louder then my words…

Duration of Log: I will run this log up until I get signed, and possibly further then that…



GNC Mega Men


Gf Pro Cherry: GF Pro Dutch Chocolate

Controlled Labs Green Magnitude

Fish Oil:

Designer Supplements Vigor
NOW Vitaberry Plus
USPlabs Sirplus

Free Form BCAA’s:
(Workout Days Only)
Anabolic-Innovations Excell Fruit Punch

NOW Super Enzymes (Almost out-Replacing with MRM)
NOW Ginger Root
MRM Digest All
Gut Health

USPlabs Super Cissus


USPlab Brand Products:


Nimbus Nutrition:
Poseidon (Electrolyte)

MAN Sports:
Body Octane

Bulk Products:


To come…


I will post diet daily…


First Update?

Either today or tomorrow… Celebrating birthday today…

Anyways, I look forward to sharing my progress with you all, and looking forward to running a detailed log… ttyl,


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Workout date: 3/16

Note: My new schedule is friday-tuesday! One of my friends has a gym membership to one of other gyms around town, and I’ll be doing my medicine ball/sprint workouts there on saturday and monday, since those are the days that he is available to go. Mondays medicine ball/sprint workouts may vary depending on his work schedule, though…

My weightlifting days are to be performed on Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays…

Also, I have no clue why parts of my post are all red…:shock:


Section C

Power Cleans (hang)

• [color=darkblue]Front Squats
Turkish Get Up

Section D

(push press)

Glute Ham Raise

Russian Split Jump


I hit a PR on Front Squats today! But other then that, strength sucked… (form was good on power cleans)! :slight_smile: Probably the best form I’ve had since I’ve started doing them-I worked on the drop phase when performing them… Went pretty well…

I recovered pretty well between sets…

This absolutey killed me today… I had absolutely no focus today- - None! Throughout the entire workout, I just wanted to lay down, and just go to sleep, and not even finish the workout! But I hung in there, and managed to get the workout done… I got pretty lazy with muscle snatches-I had no motivation to do them, :(… I ended up just doing push presses… Man, I feel disappointed with myself…

Final Thoughts: I felt sleepy throughout the entire day, and had pretty much no motivation to go and workout… :frowning: I managed to pick myself up, and actually do a workout, but it didn’t go that well… I did hit a PR on Front Squats, but I totally pysched myself out when doing 105 for hanging cleans… :frowning: Form was good, however, I just didn’t have the mental game going today… I felt like taking a nap earlier today, but decided not to-maybe I should have,I don’t know… Other then that, wasn’t the greatest day as far as focus is concerned… I woke up with pretty good energy, but just felt sleepy througout the day as I’ve already mentioned… Well, I’m out for now… I’ll post some thoughts on powerfull later, probably tomorrow… And will update my diet later…


Dutch Chocolate Protein Pancakes: No Mix Left after Meal
1.5 cup oats: 1/2 cup Aunt Jemina Whole Wheat Mix
2 Cup Lactaid milk: 1 Egg: 1 tbsp Canola Oil
1 scoop GF Pro Dutch Chocolate

Pepper Steak: Italian type dish… My family calls this pepper steak, incase people were wondering if it’s just peppers w/steak, lol…
Homemade sauce: Sauteed london broil…
London Broil cooked with sauce/bell peppers added into sauce…
Noodles Cooked, wah-la…

Waking Hours:
[color=sienna]1 Powerfull
[/color]1 serving Body Octane

Prior to Meal:
[color=darkblue]1 Super Cissus
1 Anabolic-Pump[/color]
1 Gut Health
2 MRM Digest All

Meal: Dutch Chocolate Protein Pancakes
[color=green]12 Pancakes
4 oz Lactaid milk

3 Fish Oil: 1 Vigor: 1 Multi: 1 Sirplus

Prior to Meal:
[color=sienna]1 Powerfull
[/color]2 MRM Digest All

[color=Green]Pepper Steak
8 oz lactaid milk[/color]

Prior to Meal:

[color=darkblue]1 Super Cissus
1 Anabolic-Pump[/color]
2 MRM Digest All

Pre-Workout Meal: Weight Gain Shake
[color=Green]16-18 oz lactaid milk
1 cup oats
1 scoop gf pro dutch chocolate[/color]

2 Fish Oil:1 Vitaberry Plus:1 Sirplus

I used 2 scoops in 15 oz water, and let it sit out 10 minutes before I began sipping on it… However, before letting it sit out, I shook my bottle of water for about 15-20 seconds-it mixed very easily-comparable to Anabolic Innvations Excell…

In 15 oz of water, the color is light pink…

There’s not much a taste to poseidon, atleast, imo… It’s like drinking mineral water…

The powder is kind of soft, other then some light graininess to it…

Niacin Flush?
I noticed a very mild flush-kind of a prickly feeling, but nothing drastic-just very mild…

Stomach Discomfort
: Nope…

Initial Effects Noticed:
I was a little sleepy prior to drinking poseidon, and was thinking about taking a nap, but after about 10-15 minutes of finishing the drink, I felt a slight increase in energy…

Hydration: I do a good job in staying hydrated throughout the day, so time will tell on whether or not feel like I have to drink less water to feel more hydrated…

1 Cap vs 2 cap Break Down:

1 Cap Effects:
I tend to feel nice and relaxed, and focused on some of the tasks I’m performing… However, at times, the relaxness feeling transcends into a feeling of sleepiness, which causes me to lay down, and some times, end up taking a nap… I do notice a slight increase in energy, but this more reliant on the mind, and from a users perspective, a placebo effect on my part… When I try and make myself feel ‘awake,’ it works at times, but generally, I feel like just laying down, and doing nothing… I guess it just depends on the environment, in part; The winter at times can be kind of depressing, especially when all you want to do is just go outside and shoot some hoops or play some ball, or just doing something which equates energy…

2 Cap Effects:
I notice a larger energy increase when supplementing with two caps compared to one cap, and when taken on an empty stomach, I tend to feel in the zone when performing acitivites that require my attentivitness from a physcial perspective… These effects are not always noticeable though…

I’m recovering very well-this also due to some of the other supplements I take…

I’m sleeping pretty well, and feel more energetic upon waking…

Very vivid!

Strength: Actions speak louder then words-follow the workouts…

Hair/nail Growth:
I do feel like my facial hair grows faster while on this product, and nails seem to grow faster, too…

Feeling Bloated after Meals:
Nope, I feel really good actually, and haven’t had any stomach issues while on the product… I notice better effects from using 2 caps vs 1caps, though… Also, just to add, Anabolic-Pump and Digestive Enzymes seem to work in synergy with one another… I literally due to not feel bloated after meals high in carbs! :slight_smile:

Comparable to NOW Super Enzymes?
Thus far, I like these better then NOW Super Enzymes, and feel like there working better…

Cost Effectiveness: Using two caps with each meal is not cost adequate for me, and I may have to switch to something else in cap form… :frowning:

[size=24]Off Day:

Notes: I’m recovering well at the moment, but couldn’t make it to the other gym today, :(… So it’s an off day, I guess…
[/color] To be updated at end of day…
Supplements Upon Waking:
1 Powerfull
1 NP Bulk Beta Alanine Cap

Prior To meal Supplementation:
1 Anabolic-Pump
1 Super Cissus
1 Gut Health
2 MRM Digest All

Meal: Weight Gain Shake
[color=green]16-18 oz lactaid milk
1 cup oats
1 scoop gf pro dutch chocolate[/color]

[color=darkblue]2 Fish oil
1 Vigor
1 Sirplus[/color]

Prior to Meal Supplementation:
2 MRM Digest All

[color=green]6 oz Barilla Plus Spaghetti
8 oz lactaid milk: 1 Scoop Gf Pro Cherry[/color]

[color=darkblue]1 Multi
Between Meal Supplemenation:
2 Scoops Poseidon: 15 oz Water
1 Powerfull
1 Serving Body Octane

Prior To Meal Supplementation:
[color=darkblue]1 Anabolic-Pump
1 Super Cissus
2 MRM Digest All[/color]

Meal: Weight Gain Shake
[color=green]16 oz lactaid milk
1 cup oats
1 scoop gf pro dutch chocolate[/color]

[color=darkblue]2 Fish oil
1 Vitaberry Plus
1 Sirplus[/color]

what is anabolic pump? Doesnt sound too healthy too me.

Do you know a website that lists supplements and their effects?

Anabolic Pump makes food more anabolic by utilizing the natural power of the most anabolic hormone in the world - insulin.

What it will do is super saturate (literally force feed) muscle cells with glucose and amino acids, help glucose uptake in fat cells, potentiate the positive effects of insulin on muscle cells, block triglyceride uptake in fat cells stimulate lipolysis, and finally improve lipid profile .

I would say that the reason that you think it is un healthy is because as soon as someone says the word “Anabolic” there mnd shifts directly to steroids, which i assure u this stuff is not.

Also let me know how that Anabolic Pump treats yeah lbarber4

I got some bad news for you qball, I’m taking a two week break from Anabolic-Pump to reintroduce it into my system… Once I start supplementing with it again, I’ll be posting some good feedback on it! :slight_smile:

But if anyone is interesting in hearing feedback on Poseidon-the electrolyte drink I just started using, I’ll be posting my thoughts on that…

Anyways… Workout update to come later today-eating pre-workout meal now… ttyl,


I know we’ve gone over this in the past, but I really think you’d be better off eating a more balanced diet. Get nutrients and minerals from actual foods as opposed to pills.

“If you cant pick it, grow it or kill it you shouldn’t eat it”

“If you cant pick it, grow it or kill it you shouldn’t eat it”

If you believe in this than that means that no supplement at all is beneficial to you and that is definitely a false statement.

Some supplementation is ok, but when you are takin 30 pills a day it cant be good. Just eat a balanced diet and you wont need to supplement too much.

oh, man, not again… lol…

I drink berry smoothies for the fruits:

Mixed berries: blueberries, rasberries, marionberries
and strawberries…

Occasionally, I’ll throw in some bananas into my diet, but not every day…

I’m lessening my intake on the berries at the moment due to a stint I had with them where I was taking in 3 plus cups a day-I ended up breaking out…

Right now, I’m getting in a little over 2 cups of berries…

Berry Smoothie:
1 + cup mixed berries: blueberries, rasberries, marionberries
3/4-1 cup strawberries…

And then sometimes I’ll have a strawberry/banana protein shake like I did yesterday…

Hmm… Now I’m introducing carrots back in, 8 Large carrots a day split up into 2 seperate drinks…

Spinach? None at the moment-not until I work out the kinks since too much of this causes gastrointestinal stress, but I’ll work them in again pretty soon…

Good day…

Not every supplement does the same thing…

For example: I take 2 caps of digestive enzymes with each meal since I feel a more profound effect from taking two compared to one…

5-6 meals: 10-12 caps…

Super Cissus: ligament/joint/tendon health: 3-4 caps

Vitaberry/vigor: 2-3 caps on a daily basis

Multi: 1-2

Powerfull: 3-4

Fish Oil: 6

Sirplus: 2-3 (watch the news, you’re hearing a lot about reserveratrol at the moment)… The problem is biovability: this company believes the product they have out will properly metabolize in the body…

Patrick Arnold may also be introducing a reservatrol product since he knows how to make it biovable…

I don’t have a problem swallowing pills, except for the bulk beta alanine, since the texture makes it difficult for me to swallow, lol… That’s why I cut the tab in half…

Read research on Beta Alanine-that is why I bought the bulk beta alanine to use in conjunction with Body Octane…

There are quite a few studies on the positive effects on Beta alanine supplementation: 6.4 grams a day is what I aim for based on the studies-at the moment, I am working my way up there…

2 tabs: 3.2 grams beta alanine

2 servings body octane: 3.2 grams beta alanine

Gut Health is a probiotic: 1 cap once a day…

Also, I will be getting a blood test done in the next few months, as I’m quite curious what shows up… I feel healthy; I don’t get sick, but I’m still human, and I still have the occasional bad workout… But ehh, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing…

  • Morning
  • Pre-Workout Meal
  • Post-Workout
  • Night
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]
  • Morning
  • Mid-Day
  • Pre-Workout: 2 Caps
  • Night: pending...
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]
  • Meal 1
  • Pre-Workout Meal
  • Post-Workout Meal
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]
  • Morning Meal
  • Pre-Workout Meal
  • Post-Workout Shake
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]
  • 1 Scoop Morning
  • 1 Scoop Post Meal 1
  • 1 Scoop Post Meal 2
  • 1 Scoop 10 Minutes Prior to Workout
  • 1 Scoop During Workout
  • 1 Scoop Post-Workout Meal
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]
  • 45 Minutes Pre-Workout
  • Night
[b]=================================================================================[/b] [b]=================================================================================[/b]

Nutra planet Kwick Karb: 1.5 scoops Post Workout

Anabolic-Innovations Excell:
3-5 scoops during workout: used on workout days only…

DS Vigor: 1 cap Morning Meal: 1 Cap Post Workout
NOW Vitaberry Plus: 1 cap Pre-workout Meal…

NOW Super EPA: 3x2, morning, pre/post workout meal…

Nutra Planet Bulk Beta Alanine:
Morning/prior to pre-workout meal… Testing tolerance at the moment, so only 1 dosage…


Section C

• [color=darkblue][b]Push Jerk:[/b] [/color][b]
    2x95x6, 1x105x5, 1x105x1 (x3), 1x95x4
[/b] [b]Section D[/b]
[b]Abdominals:[/b] [b]================================================[/b]

Strength:8.0 [color=black]I thought I had a pretty solid workout! Good mornings felt really good, and once I get used to DB presses again, those should start going up, too… Other then that, Push Jerks went okay: I need to get past the 105 barrier though!
Recovery:9.0[color=black] I recovered very well in between sets, and went from one exercise to the other fairly quickly!
[b]I was extremely focused going into the workout, and most of my exercises went pretty well, but I find it distracting when you see the whole gym staring at you while performing push jerks… But other then that, I pushed through the workout, and I seem to be recovering well at the moment!

Final Thoughts: [color=black]Anyways, endurance was great, and I felt I had a solid workout…

Oatmeal Waffles:

[color=black]1.5 cup Oats
1/8 cup Aunt Jemina Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
1 Egg
1 tbsp Canola Oil
7/8-1 cup Lactaid milk[/color]

Pre-Workout Supplementation:

[b]About 1.5 hours prior: Axis Labs Smash Pre-Workout Sample Pack

45-50 Minutes prior: 1 Serving Body Octane

10 Minutes prior: 1 Scoop Poseidon in 8 oz water

During Workout:[color=darkblue] 4 servings AI Excell w/1 scoop

Post Workout: 1 Super Cissus

Post-Workout Shake: 10 Minutes after dosing of Super Cissus
1.5 Scoops Kwick Karb (WMS), 1 scoop Gf Pro Cherry, 8-10 oz Xfactor Gatorade
1 Now Super Enzyme, 1 Vigor[/color]

Prior Supplementation:
2 MRM Digest All

Post-Workout Meal:
[color=green]2 large Waffles (no mix left-look at ingredient listings above)
5-6 oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
6-8 oz lactaid milk[/color]

[color=darkblue]2 Fish Oil
1 Multi
1 Sirplus[/color]

Post-Post Workout Supplementation:
[color=darkblue]1 Scoop Poseidon: 8 oz water
1 Powerfull[/color]


hey everything i see here looks very legit and very organized. but my question to you is this, how much sleep do you get on average per night? if its under 8 hours, then thats not good lol.

I get 6-8 hours of sleep every night, and usually feel pretty energetic upon waking…

Anyways, I’ll write my thoughts out later on how the workout went; I’m too lazy to do it at the moment, lol…

Beta-Alanine is GREAT.
I really like the stuff and feel quite a bit of a difference in my workouts.
The main issue with it is that it gives your skin a tingly/itchy feeling and the only way around it is time released, which isn’t the cheapest.
I actually like the feeling so it’s whatever. Great supplement.

Body Octane is a great product. I didn’t really feel any carry over with basketball, however taking before a workout after a long day gives a profound effect.

I’ve found if you get the ingredients in bulk you could put it together for signficantly less. It’s not the cheapest so I will probably just be buying beta-alanine and citrulline malate in bulk when I get training hard again.

Out of curiousity, where did you get your bulk beta-alanine?

Hey lbarber, a couple exercises that you may want to do, and I absolutely love, although their challenging are box squats, and a hang snatch. Absolutely worth doing.

Also, if your interested in reading up on some training info
Especially adding mass while maxing out your athleticism, check out I’ve read every “Ask Joe” post and there’s a few hundred, completely worthwhile to increase your knowledge on training.

Defranco trains athletes including ballplayers. The work he does is especially visible with his football players for the combine and such, their speed, size, and power output is incredible. I know you have a big interest in adding size to your frame and I think his methods could be very beneficial.

He follows the school of thought of Russian Conjugate Method, which I’ve come to really like as well. Basically you do max effort days and repitition/dynamic effort days in the same week. So your able to add size and power effectively.

Just thought that may interest you.

Great log by the way, I enjoy reading it and following.
I’m already pumped up for my offseason, the prospect of improving is a very refreshing and encouraging thing.

wow, I just stepped on the scale, and it said I weigh 140! Interesting-I still have a few more meals left, too… Hmm, I guess I will have to report back on my weight this weekend…

Anyways, today was an off day…

Centerfield, I’m scheduled to do Power Snatches (hang) tomorrow, along with deadstop squats, muscle snatches, bent presses, glute ham raises, etc… I look forward to it, tty all later…

[size=24]Reflections going into 3/21 Workout![/size]

Well, my recovery was pretty good going into todays workout… I did not experience any doms…

I did, however, have some lower back sorness, but this was due to the good mornings I performed the other day… I was expecting this, as I was brand new to that exercise… Other then that, I had some light-moderate shoulder sorness; light chest soreness, and surprisingly, hamstring sorness… This did not stop me from going ahead with my workout though!

[size=18]Quick Powerfull Notes:

I’m experiencing very vivid dreams, but I am not experiencing the deep sleep the past few days, other then when I took a nap yesterday, did I experience the deep sleep… The nap was about 4 hours long, lol, but the dreams, whooh, sensational!

Mood: I am still experiencing the calmness effect of powerfull, but at times, I do feel a little aggressive while on it… But since I’m a naturally laid back, I tend to just sit down, and listen to some music, and just relax…

Skin Complexion:
I do believe powerfull caused a slight breakout/oily skin around day 14-16, but this quickly subsided over the next few days…

Phew! I feel pretty full about 15-20 minutes after supplementing with the product, and upon waking, I feel very full! :slight_smile: It feels good looking into the mirror each morning! Through most parts of the day, I am also feeling full, but not to the degree of the fullness I experienced with Anabolic-Pump…

Powerfull is definitely helping me in this department! From a focus standpoint, when taken at the most effective times, I definitely feel very focused going into the workout, and throughout the workout! As far as Strength is concerned, I believe it is helping at the moment, but more time is needed to see the full benefits of this aspect of powerfull…

[size=18]Quick Poseidon Notes: Day 5[/size]

These past few days, I am not experiencing any benefit from sleep, however, I did have an awesome 4 hour nap on tuesday! I do believe that this product is also aiding in how I feel upon waking even with less sleep! I feel energetic after about 10 minutes, and ready for the day!

As I mentioned in the powerfull notes, I do feel aggressive at times, but due to my laid back personality, I take full control of this! But what I should note is that during these brief moments during the day, I also happen to be taking poseidon, which I believe is contributing to my overall sense of well being… I’ve been utlizing it with body octane upon waking these past few days, and the focus I recieve from the two products is pretty awesome to say the least! Couple that with my dosing of powerfull before hand, and wow! Extreme mental clarity! :slight_smile:

Powerfull/Poseidon/Body Octane/Super Cissus seems to be a great stack thus far!

Skin Complexion: Over the past few days, I am noticing my skin is beginning to feel smoother, and the mild acne I deal with is disappearing! :slight_smile:

Stomach Discomfort:
At times, I do believe I feel some mild discomfort with the product, but at other times, I feel it is actually helping me digest my food! More time is needed to see these effects though…

Hydration: Whooh, I feel I am needing less water to feel more hydrated!

Side Effects: None to report at the moment, other then some mild discomfort I may be feeling with the product, but other then that, none, except for feeling feeling pretty good throughout the day, and the fact that I believe it is further aiding in my endurance for the workouts-but more time is needed to assess these effects…

The product dissolves very fast…

Taste: I’ve been using 8 oz of water with 1 scoop poseidon-reminds me of selsa water, or mineral water… The taste is very subtle…

Niacin Flush: Yep, I’m experiencing a mild sensation upon consumption of the product…

More notes to come?
Yep, during my 7 or 10 day review…

[size=18]Other Notes:[/size]

I dealt with a slight stomache going into my workout… I felt great up until I had a weight gain shake (meal 3)… This may have been caused due to my excessive fiber intake… I had 3.5 cups of oats during the first 3 meals…

Oatmeal Pancakes: 1.5 cup oats
Oatmeal: 1 cup oats
Weight Gain Shake: 1 cup oats

I had to wait about 4 hours before I felt good enough to go and workout after having the weight gain shake…