AND now I know

So we had a light work out this afternoon- getting ready for SAturday night’s game- in case he gets to start.
When I finally realized this coach he’s playing for this season, it seems has gotten to me too. -Gotten in my head with his comments and jerking me around with my own expectations of myself and my own lack of confidence, I have about helping my son.
You see I’m not the average dad at all. I’m his mother- a woman that played slow pithc softball. That just doesn’t know so much about pitching baseball. And so, I’m facing my own challange of trying to support and help my son in something I don’t know too much about. But we learning…
ANd what I learned today, when I saw my son in front of me. Catching him and honestly seeing him for who he is and his ability, honest talent and potiential was still only this twelve year old boy. Who’s really comfortable with just throwing his fast ball.
We worked the change up and reasoned over it’s importance to his game. But he has an undeniable natural thing for slinging a fast ball in and beign accurate with it, to put it high and outside, or low and in… straight down the middle - It’s awesome ! Twelve years old.
And you guys are all exactly right -This is just one season. He’s got time and alot of seasons ahead of him. All that matters today and for the rest of this season is that the boy holds on to his love for the game. No matter where this takes my son, or leads him in his future. He will always be my pick for starting best pitcher because I’m his mother.
This season may very well be all played out in this coach’s head… played out and done and over with because he sees only what he wants to, in other last year’s returning players. Players HE he favors - So we’re learning not to let people like that in this world get the best of us. All that really matters now is my boy’s love for the game. He’ll walk away a winner, as long he can hold on to that feeling. ANd learn that lesson of never giving in and never giving up on himself.
Just some “FYI”- it’s not just me- and not all just becasue I’m his mother. Alot of of other people are wondering what’s up with this coach too.

There’s nothing wrong with preaching confidence to your kid. Especially when it comes to pitching because if he doens’t have it on the mound, he won’t succeed.

I’ll just say one thing. Unless you have coached and volunteered your own time, then it’s really not productive to focus on negative energy with your coach.

Just a thought.

Negative thoughts are not productive at all when it comes to teamwork.

You should be proud that you are working together on something which brings you together.

So It’s so much more than it seems… And I do try to volunteer - But no man wants a woman on his field - especially this one. I do help out with a T-ball team which is something else totally differnent. But still I know something about wearing those shoes.
BUt it’s way more complicated than it seems and it’s personal- I think. I think what is happening to my son is a way that the assistant coach is getting back at me over some nasty divorce where my oldest daughter’s father ended up having to pay me over twenty- thousand in back child support. And it is this same asst. coach’s son that the coaches favor, and build up to be so good. And he is - the asst. coach’s son is child is a good pitcher- But they need more than one to get through a week’s games, and they make JOn climb over some mental garbage they create for him that has my son loosing his confidence on the mound. My son knows nothing about this and think’s it so cool that he plays ball with his big sister’s cousin. It’s just complicated and this asst coach and his son come from another city, close by to play in our leagaue. BUt it doesn;t havbe to be this way -
It’s just a bad, bad season for my boy to have to be my son. AND if that’s what’s going on- they’d never admit it or own up to it, and not a lot I can do about it if they are getting even by taking it out on my son. I should have had my son traded to another team after the first practice. I just never did blame anyone else for my ex- husbands wrong doings and it took awhile for me to catch on to the idea that they maybe do and were still blaming me.
i refuse to even bring it up or address the issue because it has not one thing to do with the ball field, or my son. IF that’s what is going on saying something to call them on it will only make it even worse… So we’ll take this for wht it is and learn better to never give in and never give up- It all partly just a way that my ex’s family to get back at me- maybe… I don’t want my son thinking he has to go out and defend personal honor - All I want is for my son to play the game he loves.