Analyzing video's and scouting reports

i think that we should follow this grading/ analyzing scale for when we analyze someones mechanics. Or at least the parts of speed or movement fluidness and etc. here is the link to the scale that major league scouts use to grade people.

tell me if you think this is a good idea or not

I don’t like any scales in general, but over all bigger guys throw harder. But look at Pedro he’s 5-11 and he used to throw mid 90’s. It probably wreaked havoc on his shoulder. Also look at Tim Linsicum, he’s listed at 5-11 170 soaking wet and he throws 95. The scale is very in depth but it just makes everything too complicated, and every pitcher is too unique to create any kind of scale / rating system.

If I was scouting someone i would just write down his overall body. His mechanics. His pitches. And what type of pitcher he is. Possibly who you could compare him too