Analyze son's mechanics

I’ll first admit that I know very little about pitching. What I have learned I’ve picked up from some camps and from local coaches. I’d appreciate you more knowledgeable guys taking a look and give me your thoughts. What is he doing right and what does he need to correct. Many thanks in advance.

I can’t see the video. I get a message saying the video is private.

I didn’t realize I made it private. You should be able to see it now. Thanks.

you look pretty okay, kid. Definitly got somee funky thing goin on with your glove arm, how you point the glove at the catcher … but it looked like your timing was good with your throwing arm … you’re probably opening up your front shoulder too early, but I would attribute that to your lack of core strength … it should get better as you get older and stronger and work on keeping the lead shoulder closed until your front foot hits the ground.

In that first pitch, he balked - he turned his shoulders when he turned his head to look at the runner on 1B. Good thing the base umpire wasn’t really paying close attention. :wink:

Regarding the front arm action, he does point the glove at the target but the upper arm and elbow point somewhere to the 1B side of home plate which probably contributes to opening up too early. I like the front elbow to be up more and pointing at home plate or to the 3B side.

His stride appears rather short and he appears to be too upright at release. This is most likely due to a lack of momentum and planting on a relatively straight front leg. I prefer leading with the hips more, building up more momentum, and planting on a bent front leg. But this will probably take some added strength given his apparent young age.

A side view would help see more.

Thanks for the replies. I noticed the balk too. That was the first time he has ever pitched in a game in which the runner can take a lead. He’s still learning how to pitch from the stretch. Roger, I’ll get some video from the side soon and post it.

I really wouldn’t mess with him.

I think he breaks his hands a little high (at the letters rather than the belt buckle) which causes the somewhat funky GS arm action, but that isn’t that big of a big deal.

Thanks. Do you see anything he could do differently to get a little more velocity? For some reason he seems to throw with more velocity when he’s warming up or just throwing to me in the back yard.

His mechanics are fine.

If I had to guess, I’d say that he has a tendency to aim the ball a bit when there’s a batter in the box. That he’s paying too much attention to the batter. That can cost a few MPH.

What he needs to do is focus on the glove, ignore the batter, and let it rip.

The view of your son demonstrated some good help from someone. I would like to see a front viewf rom behind a screen, with the batter reaction ,location and velocity visable. I would hesitate to call his 1st move a balk; the rule book has no reference to that shoulder move being a balk. It is, however an advantage to base stealers. Since he is a strong and good size young man who will one day pitch on a regulation mound, he should think of releasing the ball on a low angle. This is where the back should help. If my suggested view shows good location, batter confusion and speed changes he would ,if my son, learn to display composure, confidence, spend time checking books at a good bookstore,and hope he plays with a good catcher. Good things are ahead!

Muddy, First off totally impossible to give good guidance/analysis with what is available [not your fault] just need a downloadable clip that is possible to see frame by frame. At footplant your son does look solid after trying to stop the clip over and over to see his overall posture at solid footplant, hes relatively “solid” his problem lies in what he does BEFORE he gets there. This could be one reason why he does what he does [front side action] once he is there [cause/effect] [action/reaction] call it what you may but I think you get my drift. Barring perhaps a little better front side positioning of his glove arm at solid footplant hes okay. There is some variance in regards to the gloveside,perhaps better said there is more than one way to skin a cat but some people just do it better than others. In my opinion your sons biggest problem is his present arm action as well as its relationship with his hand break and the overall timing of the two being synced for optimum performance or velocity issues. As well as what Roger stated about his stride and possible lack of momentum into landing. In my opinion WITH the present arm action he displays and how he works his lower he separates his hands to early, the problem with this is by separating early his arm is ready to throw to early in combination/timing with his lower body action. What happens is he ends up “wasting time” with his throwing arm because its ready to throw and his lower is not. This creates a “lag” and is a huge potential energy waster. Get a clip of Kyle Farsworth or most any high level pitcher and generally you will see a much quicker arm action in regards to getting it “cocked”. Once they break the hands for all intensive purpose they are THROWING from the handbreak, they still are “cocking the arm” but it happens more quickly, your sons doesnt. They may even display the same type of arm action , without the lag, in there cases they move the arm through the motion of getting cocked or the early cocking stage more rapidly. This is clearly seen at footplant they are much like your son , in a good solid posture, but they break there hands later. What does that tell you? It should tell you they are doing something inbetween much quicker! Your sons arm is already cocked or well on its way while he is bringing his stride leg down in fact I dont believe he has even started to “move out” towards and into his landing. A huge potential energy waster. That combined with Rogers explanation is a major cause of any velocity issues your son may have. Obviously the kid can pitch, hes doing it in the clip. He also could IMPROVE his performance immensely in my opinion he just needs to do a few things differently.

nice point. From my own experience, you speed up your arm action – not by trying to simply jerk your arm around faster – but by setting it up on time and in position so that it’s forced it to more quciky catch up, or, keep an accelerated pace to match your body’s forward momentum.

to put it in a more tangible way, what I’ve been doing after my leg lift peaks is dropping my hands – ball-hand still in glove – down from my chest to my belt, and then I break my hands … by that point my lead leg is already well on it’s way to driving/dropping/moving out.

Thanks for all the help, everyone. Chinmusic, I’ve noticed that his arm has always seemed to stop briefly before he delivers the ball. What you pointed out makes perfect sense to me as the cause. I’ll have him work on that and I’ll try to get a better clip of him soon and post it here. Thanks again to all who responded.

well one thing that i caught was about your pickoff move to first i really surprised they didn’t call that a bock so you should really work on that but the good thing was i don’t think there was a flaw in the windup itself good job!