Please give me some analysis i have tryouts monday![/wmp]

You need to work having a continuous flowing motion. Relax yourself and your arm.

Love the Yankees gear but that is for another day.

The first thing I see is how as you move toward home you keep your arm in a high cocked position vs starting to bring the arm forward, to me it looks at though your timing is off with respect to a continuous action of your arms once the hands break at the top of your post.

There is more but I would like to see you adjust that first then do some more video.

You need to lower your throwing arm during your delivery. You have a long delay and that gives the hitter a lot of time to figure out what you’re about to throw. I recommend just lowering your throwing arm and don’t delay.

Also, it looks like you’re not striding at all, just stepping forward. You should watch some videos of MLB pitchers mechanics. Longer strides can increase velocity. It seems you’re putting a lot of stress on your arm the way you throw.