Analysis of my 10 year old Son

Hello Guys, This is my first post here or any forum. I would love any feedback you can give on my son. He is 10 and is 5 ft 3 and 100 lb. He pitches 48-50 mph and has good control,but I think he should take advantage of his mass and throw faster . I hope this video is viewable.
Thank you for any advice.


First thing I would work on is getting him to move his center of gravity (think “hips”) toward home plate a bit sooner and a bit faster. Lots of reps will be needed for him to get comfortable with this. This will create more energy to transfer up through his body and into the baseball. It should also help improve his timing as it looks like his throwing arm has a momentary pause when it’s up in back.

Thanks for the sugggestion. Any ides on good exercises to do ? We live hours from anywhere and will have to work on any suggestions on our own. Thanks for any input.

I’m not sure about training for adolescents, but my idea would be basic cardio warm up and flexibility. Then work on form.

I think developing soft flexible muscles is as easy as running, stretching, and throwing. Muscle mass can be developed properly through the process of becoming a man.
But I’d wait for other comments before taking in my view lol.

I like his balance at the top of his post but there does seem to be a pause there and then get him to break the hands a little later so that the timing is better with his hips…looks good.

Search these forums for “Hershiser drill” and “cross-over drill” for explanations. The “towel drill” would also be useful

Thank you guys for the input. I will research. This is an outstanding forum.