Analysis of 17 yo LHP


My son is a left handed pitcher, 164 lbs, 6’ 1" senior in HS. He would like to get some feedback on his delivery and perhaps how he can increase velocity. He’s hitting 71 mph max right now. This was his first time pitching since the fall baseball season. I appreciate any comments you may have and any tips for improvement.


I really am no expert on mechanics so I won’t comment on that, but I honestly think that just hard work and doing arm strengthening drills will certainly help a lot. Also he doesn’t rotate a lot, but I once again am in no position to say he should rotate his shoulders more. I personally do and it has helped a lot with my velocity, you can watch the Aroldis Chapman sports science to get and idea of what I’m talking about, granted everyone isn’t the specimen he is. So just basic long toss and other drills might help. Also from experience I’ve found that using a small foam baseball helps when warming up, throw a maybe 8 fastballs with the foam ball at a short distance 20 feet and try to hit a target as hard as you can (obviously after you have warmed up) I usually find myself putting more effort into my pitches with a real ball, even adding a 3-5 miles an hour. Don’t hurt the arm through,


*The foam ball is only meant for when working out on your own


Thanks pitcher1. I showed this to my son and he had actually seen this before and remembered this Chapman Sports Science. He said that he tends not to rotate too much for fear of losing control, but we both agreed that he should start working that aspect of his movement into his mechanics.


His mechanics actually look pretty good, so I’m suprised he’s only throwing 71. I think the main reason is he is not stabilizing his front knees and it keeps giving. It also doesn’t extend at pitch release .


I’m also not claiming to be an expert. However it appears to me that he’s not sequencing his lower half and upper (separation). He also doesn’t appear to be getting a lot of power from his lower half in general.


Sorry I missed this from a few weeks ago.

It looks like your son is landing on the ball of his stride foot, as opposed to flat footed or on his heel. That’s creating the issue.

Try extending the stride farther out by riding the butt down the mound to get to the point where he’s landing flat footed.