Analysis for 12U Pitcher

Hi All,

Looking for a little help on one of my 12U pitchers… He’s got very good velocity and is pretty accurate.

One of the biggest things I’d like opinions on is his back leg… I don’t really see this in MLB pitchers nor any kids I’ve analyzed??

Notice his back leg in either the side or back view - his back leg is coming up and off the rubber on the side view as his front shoulder begins to turn - well before release; on side view you can see it at frame 51 in Quicktime or backview frame 51. Is this taking away from his power or accuracy?? Most guys will have the foot dragged on the ground/pulled forward by the hips rotating and pop-up after release…

Other things I see that could use some work:
Start with feet closer together; he’s wasting movement to knee lift
Get a some more momentum/movement w/hips as part of knee lift
Watch collapsing back side knee over foot
Better timing w/his arm - he’s getting it up a little early
Landing front foot more open; too closed at landing preventing hips from clearing
Needs to brace front side leg/knee better - knee keeps moving forward from landing to finish…

He does seem to do the following well:
Good back side extension w/his leg
Stays closed well
Drives forward/down w/Torso
Tucks front side well
Good release/follow through.

Please let me know what you see w/him.

Back View:

Side View:

Front View:


Good balance point, good hand break and drop to the throwing position. He could use some work on his glove side mechanics since his glove side really doesn’t pull the ball, think equal action don’t just throw the ball to home also pull the ball to home. Next is that he could work on driving his hips toward home quite a bit more, look up hersheiser drill on youtube. Next I think that part of the issue of his right leg is how bent he is landing on his left leg, I would think that he is landing too bent and then once he is on the leg the leg should stiffen vs bending more. Here is a drill my son works on to get propper action from his legs as well as working on timing of his hands, he calls it the bucket drill. Good luck!!!

Thanks for the input buwhite!

Help me understand using the glove side more… Do you refer to pulling your front side elbow in? I used to think that, but was told it can cause early rotation or open up… was told more to have strong font side but just tuck into side…

I have used the Hersheiser drill; it is a great drill for getting momentum… looks like we need more w/him.

I do like your bucket drill for getting the back leg up and over… I agree the leg should stiffen but I think the post leg should land bent with knee behind ankle… Verlander is a guy that lands somewhat close to stiff

Here are some pics of Beckett and Sabathia

One thing at a time, glove side mechanics, I feel that throwing a ball is equal and opposite actions. Not only does the throwing arm push the ball but the glove side pulls the ball to home. If they are working equally then the front side cant possibly be early, it would have to be moving in conjunction with the throwing side. I also feel that in order to get the throwing shoulder popperly pointed at the target a pitcher needs to clear the other shoulder out of the way by either pulling the elbow back farther or by at least getting it to the chest as Beckett does somewhat more than Sabathia in these pics. Your comment was “have strong font side but just tuck into side…” isn’t being represented here, at :06 seconds of the back view you will notice the glove being at his thigh level not into the side so I don’t think our ideas are much different.

On the knee action, at :02-:03 seconds of the side view, his knee never stiffens, he lands on the foot with a bent knee and then just continues to move through the positon, I would utilize the bucket drill to try and use the right leg for balance and deceleration of the throwing arm. I also think you misunderstood me on landing “stiff”, I mentioned he is landing “too bent”, not that he shouldn’t land on a bent knee and that the leg should “Stiffen”, I didn’t mean totally stiff but I did mean that I think he is bending even more right now and that stiffening the leg could help his action. Sorry for the confusion.

With the glove side action; I do agree that both arms should work as equal and opposites… I’d just like to hear other opinions regarding pulling the front side through. I’ve been told by others; not that are necessarily right either but you bring your chest to your glove, rather than pulling it in.

I totally agree w/your assessment of his front knee; he needs the most work here… he provides no stability until very late in his throw and his knee is too far over his foot… One problem looks to be that he is landing on his toe and never has his whole foot completely down…

Do you have any comment on whether his back leg coming up early impacts anything?? I would guess that it would help w/his control?? Providing a little more stability as that back leg doesn’t do much once it has turned over…

Thanks again…

I would be interested to hear others comments to.

I don’t think it’s a problem that he lands on his toe, it’s really a 50/50 camp on if you think a pitcher should land toe or heal. In fact though looking at the side view video his first pitch he lands heal lead then on the 2nd pitch he lands flat or almost toe lead. I might try to get him, from his post, to bring his left foot down near the floor prior to driving his hips forward, following the contour of the floor a little like Clemens does. Here is a link.

On lifting his leg I would work that bucket drill, it can help with timing, when to break hands and so many other actions that it really helped my son, he uses that drill during the winter not throwing just to keep up his basic action.

His glove is secondary to what his shoulder is doing. You can watch as many clips as you fancy. The shoulder and it’s location is what dictates where the glove will end up. If he is directing his glove - I would say throw harder.

Generally speaking - It does not matter if pitchers land on their heel or toe, so long as they get to their toe.

buwhite - thanks again for the info… I will incorporate some bucket drills and see how it affects his timing… I do like it for getting the back leg up and over as well as some of my guys don’t do it…

Kylejamers - I don’t think he’s directing his glove side… just getting to equal and opposite w/it

As far as landing… I also believe it can be either land w/the toe or heel first - I’m not referring to foot touch; I’m referring to foot plant; in order to abrubtly stop that forward movement your whole foot has to be down - if your on your foot (towards the ball of your foot w/heel up) your not going to be able to stop the momentum and end up going right through like my player does… Just like hitting, the front foot needs to plant before you start your swing.


looks like he is aiming, not throwing.

Hi, nobody has addressed his back leg coming up early… Anyone have any input if that has any bearing on his mechanics?? Control or velocity?

He needs to let it rip. No more pushing and aiming.

hey ebkcontainers,

would it be too much trouble if i asked you how you found that program for analyzing major league pitchers?
i work a lot with analyzing my video and if i could find out about that software that would be awesome,