An opportunity

A couple of years ago, I dropped a thread called "The Convention on Over-use"
I asked for responses from some excellent and renowned instructors, which included Dr. Alan Jaeger, well the method in which I channeled my question has just provided an opportunity for me to discuss the issue at length with him. I very pleased at the chance and want to share it with the forum in the way that I can…I can’t conference ya’ll on the conversation (Which will happen…if phone tag doesn’t start :lol: ) tomorrow (Monday 9/10/12), say by 4 est…so if we have readers who have a question they’d like asked, I will be happy to see if I can get him to answer it. If I get a bunch of questions…I’ll ask for the kids/players first and see if I can’t get to the coaches who have one…small window…quick question…an opportune moment…ask away 8) )

Awesome stuff JD looking forward to reading about your discussion with him.

Hey, cool interview, Jaeger is an interesting guy. I have two questions…

Yoga is a big part of his routine. Some of the yoga poses are difficult and uncomfortable, espcially when one is learning yoga. I would like to get his thoughts on the process of breathing and getting oneself to relax while in a difficult pose and how this relates to being on the mound.

I have had some guys have a hard time maintaining the intensity of their throws when they start to get close in. As the get closer to 60 feet the ball starts to sail and they are missing very high. They are trying to get their max throw into the 60 foot distance as he demands in his program. To get the throw down and correct their release point they naturally take some intensity off of the throw.


  1. What is his process to control breathing and relax while doing challenging poses and how can this be benefitial on the mound?

  2. Does he think it is acceptable to lower the intensity on the pull down throws to get a good release point at 60 feet (as opposed to finishing at, say, 80 feet with max throw intensity), or, is it more of a benefit to bring the throws with max throw intensity even if they are “missing” high?

Thanks for your time, have a good conversation.

How can they hit at 80 feet and routinely miss at 60 feet?

Why not find a solution for that instead of reducing their effort?

[quote=“kylejamers”]How can they hit at 80 feet and routinely miss at 60 feet?

Why not find a solution for that instead of reducing their effort?[/quote]

work in to 60 feet and make an adjustment…aim lower

Here’s my question.

The ASMI study concludes that

“Maximum distance throws produce increased torques and changes in kinematics; caution is therefore advised for use of these throws in rehabilitation and training”.

1- How does AJ respond to the conclusion to this study.

2- Does he have a study that refutes the conclusions ASMI came to. .

I didnt frame my question very well…or perhaps it is just a stupid question. The guys are focusing on the pull down at throwing with the same intensity as their max throw for the day. A couple of them start to miss high as they get close in. I have noticed they compensate by taking some off their throws as they get close to 60 feet. I was asking what the best way to fix this is. Obviously lowering the release point, but, some really seem to struggle with this. So, is it better to keep them a little further back and reenforce hitting their spot and throwing with intensity and slowly over time get them to the 60 ft mark or is better to get them to 60 feet and get them to adjust there no matter how high they are to start. The reason I am asking is the two kids just really havent been able to get it together at 60 feet…I dont know if it is just release point or if it is an arm speed issue or just these two having a tough time syncing their bodies up. Dan Blewett had a good little piece about having some struggles with this (although he is throwing with much more intensity than these kids)…just looking for thoughts.

It wasn’t stupid and we played phone tag…so tonight is the night…ask more Q’s if you have them.

A few more questions:

1- Have you considered sponsoring a scientific study that would quantify the benefits of your long toss program. If no, why not.

2- Do you have any recommendations for the amount and frequency of throwing that youth pitchers should engage in.

3- What is your opinion on weight training (and the type) for pitchers.

4- In your view, what MLB pitcher has the best and worst pitching mechanics.

I won’t ask the best/ worst question, its not really fair as it will be in the “record”.

How did the conversation go???

It went great, he decided that he would comment on the thread so…stand-by, hopefully he’ll have a chance over the course of this evening…I spent the majority of the time explaining what it was I was bugging him about :lol:
Then he was like ok send me the link and how to register…and there it went…

Right on looking forward to it

“opportunity lost”???

What happened…

I don’t know. I’ve re-asked but we will see.

Anything happen…

Well, ironicly, I sent him another e-mail with the questions all on it. He said he even logged on that evening but just didn’t have the juice to answer the q’s was glad I chimed in and would work off-line on them and send his response back via e-mail…so… I don’t know… Maybe

I am a 5 10" 166 pound lefty pitcher from nj. I played jv basebal last year as a sophmore and plan to play varsity this year as a junior. My team is ranked top 5 in the state so I may not pitch that much. I throw in the lower 70’s(72/73ish) as of last winter when I was last clocked. I think I now throw a bit harder. I throw a running fastball, hard slider, and a 4 seam changeup. Just based on this information, do you think I can play division 3 baseball? Also should I go to a showcase. Please reply ASAP because the showcase is in less than 2 weeks. Thanks

Based on your comments, I wouldn’t worry about Showcases just yet. Showcases are over rated and you will have opps in the next year.

No reason you can not play D3 ball if you work at it. But keep in mind that baseball gets tougher as you move up. So getting playing time at D3 is tougher than getting playing time on a HS team. Showcases would probably be a waste of $ at this point.