An Once of Prevention

If you plan to make this sport a serious part of you life, then staying healthy is going to be one of your number one priorities. Avoiding injury, sprains and the like are expected norms that you’ll be dealing with constantly, on and off the field.

However, what’s lurking in the shadows are germs and infectious substances that’ll blind side you when you’re least expecting it. And to make matters worse, the carriers of these infectious agents are right under your nose every day.

So here’s some suggestions:

Whether at school, traveling, or just plain socializing with friends, be mindful of the places and circumstances that can lead to your getting sick, real sick. For example, at school you’ll be opening and closing doors while entering and leaving a classroom. Thus the door handles will be touched by all kinds of people - healthy and not so health. You’ll have no idea where these people came from prior to handling that classroom door- like the bathroom or gym. Also, the hands are commonly placed in front of the face for coughing, scratching the head, passing papers around from the teacher, and so on. All of these things are a transporter for germs and infectious substances.

What makes matters worse, is that food is commonly a handheld item at school lunches. Hot doges, pizza, hamburgers, rolls, chips, and other food stuffs offer germs and infectious substances a ready ride into your body.

Eating out at your local restaurant, or on away trips with your club, can offer another opportunity to come in contact with germs and infectious substances. This is especially the case when entering the establishment - grabbing on to the door handles, sitting at a table with your hands on the table’s surface, and the most common carrier are the utensils that you’re about to use to eat with. With respect to eating utensils, you have no idea who has handled those items before you. In fact, the longer eating utensils sit in the open, the more vulnerable they are to all kinds of things.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Never place your hands in contact with your face, mouth, eyes, ears, and so on, without first washing your hands.
  • Never touch food that’s about to be eaten until you’ve washed your hands.
  • If you have a school lunch, be very mindful of the plates and other items that you’re about to eat off of.
  • At school, watch for the way food is being prepared and placed out. Notice anyone with colds, sniffles, or just not feeling well - AVOID the food being placed or served by that person (s).
    Now don’t be counter-productive here and tell me that … “well, suppose it’s all I got!” Then I’ll simply say … “get sick, deal with it.” Don’t be pressured into conducting yourself in a course of action that you know better to avoid.
  • In a restaurant, examine the eating utensils very carefully. Look for small pieces of food still stuck on the fork, knife or spoon. Examine the plates for a grease film and other coatings. Don’t settle for being shy about this.

A travel kit with all serious athletes contains two very basic items that will prevent a lot of germs and infectious substances entering the body via eating, and they are alcohol wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizes spray. Both can be used to clean your hands. However, they are used most commonly in this fashion:

  • antibacterial hand sanitizes sprays are carried around in a small pen like container that can be dispensed at the press of a finger on the top of the pen. A light spray of antibacterial lotion will come out and the hands are then rubbed together. Most of the lotion with be absorbed by the hands and the rest will evaporate. The greatest opportunity of benefitting from this application is just prior to eating food that your hands come in contact with. Also, it’s not a bad idea to used this lotion once or twice during the day, or even more, during heavy cold and flu season.
  • alcohol wipes are handy to have when you enter a restaurant or other eating establishment where utensils are placed for your use. Simply take one wipe cloth out of its package, unfold it, then wipe the fork, knife and spoon that you’re about to use. The majority of the germs and other substances on these utensils will be taken away.

A picture of what I’m referring to is shown below.

Now I know there are some that say…” Ahwww come on… I’m not going to all that trouble just so I can sidestep a cold or something!”.

Well, I’ve heard that by some over the years and I can tell you for a fact - food poisoning on the road, during an away game, or from a fancy restaurant is not joke. In fact, it can kill you. Then there’s the time when you’ve got the game of life to show your stuff … but nope … you’re stuck in a stall.

If you want to be consider as pro stock … start planning to act like it. Plan to stay healthy at all costs.

Coach B

sounds a little freakish to me, of course you want to avoid all that as much as possible bu really what you described looks like those crazy people that are scared of bacterias everywhere.

Right up until you lose a full ride scholly because you caught an infectious illness and missed too many days of class…which is what happened to my son and hes still got hurdles to go to even return where he was.
The truth is and a great example is what happened during the Civil War, healthy farm kids were thrown into situations where there were in forced close quarters in damp, dank tents, in unsanitary conditions as far as human waste was concerned…and they just died like flies…more guys died from illness than bullets in a very lob-sided number.
Your mom and dad may have brought you up to be clean and not do unsafe health practices but on a college campus and in a dorm setting that isn’t the norm…on the road in the minors where you’re not staying in the best quarters available you had better follow this information or you’ll be in an exceedingly vunerable position.

You guys are patient.

4pie, you’re this web site’s poster child for “an idiot”. This “down-n-out ” routine is your self imposed impression of immaturity at its worse. Your opinions have little if any thought behind them, and you seem to get worse as you go on.

In addition, you’ve got this rock-headed mentality that seems entertaining to you, and that too is not surprising. People with little or no life of their own, void of any friendship near and far, all have the same stamp of ignorance dressed up in sarcastic responses, and repeated knee-jerk reactions of the mouth - with an accent on the Jerk. A poster child for this you fit to a tee.

On the other hand, I’ll give you this much - your consistent. Consistently lacking in the art of observation and reading the written word and learning from it. You replace the simplest opportunity, no make that opportunities, for learning here. Your belligerent disregard for intellectual exchanges, designed only to inform and educate those that visit this web site for just that - to learn and educate.

I’ve spent a portion of my professional coaching career watching people like you tear down what they didn’t understand, lacking in any social grace or temperance, and constantly at odds with themselves. In all cases, something was lacking in their inner-self, was a common denominator. And although I’ve never met you - I know you. I know you have that same common denominator.

How do I know you?

I’ve sat in small town sheriff offices till the wee-hours of the morning bailing people like you out, watching countless excesses being told over and over again during closed door meetings, and been witnessed to people just like you given a bus ticket home with grub-money all because they couldn’t or wouldn’t “get it”.

I don’t expect anything will change with you, here or elsewhere. But, where you are - alone, because it’s what your best at. Understand that you will only go so far with that personality of yours – being alone. You’ve really got to read back what you print and then listen to yourself.
It’s not humor, informative, or adding value.

Coach Baker.

I agree you have to be even more cautious when your scholy is on the line or just the fact to contribute to the team. However this isnt something you should just practice in College but high school and your entire life aswell, is it that much worse in college like whats so much different in college then high school cause in high school i never hear or see of any of this happening but college you do? Im not bashing it like 4pie cause i think its right but what makes college different the high school exactly im gonna be a freshmen in college next year which is why i ask im living in an apartment with 3 teamates and eating out of the food court mainly.

Also, Google “MRSA”.

Find out about what it is, how it’s treat, etc. because it’s easily picked up in gyms/weight rooms. My son had it so I know first hand all about it.

I know a TON about skin infections and the like. I was a varsity wrestler for 4 years in highschool (just graduated), and let me tell you, MRSA sucks! I had to wrestle a guy my freshman year that had it just right on his chin because his stupid doctor wrote him a note saying he was all good even though you could clearly see it was still infected.

Anyways, stay clean, MRSA sucks…big time. Catcher of ours got cut on our team bus and got infected too on his thumb, bus has since been disinfected but it got into his blood stream, hes all good now