An ideal strength training program?

Well, I am 14, turning 15 on the 26th of June. I pitch around 2nd in the rotation for our Bantam AA team. Right now I throw around 70 consistantly. I’ve hit higher, and been around higher than that lately, but I think that was just almost a freak day for me, everything was going right. I’m 5 foot 8 or so, and around 130-ish pounds. I am in pretty good shape as it is, in the way that I’m mostly muscle, not so much fat, but I could be stronger, alot stronger. Right now I’m working on my mechanics, and I will try to get video, but it’s been raining buckets here lately. I practice twice a week, tuesday and thursday, and I’m just wondering what stuff I should be doing to gain velocity, other than everyone just saying working on my mechanics(I’ve been doing that alot lately, now I’m just trying to incorperate one thing at a time till i get to the point my muscle memory is at it’s peak.)

and RIstar, don’t come in here and just say tubing, please. Don’t waste internet space.

So basically what should I be doing day by day.

happy birthday!!! haha me, you, and derek jeter…great company to be in=]…that being said, get tuff cuff, great book highly recommend it as im sure most people on this forum do

haha happy birthday to you to. I would but I can’t find it anywhere in stores.

Happy birthday man. I’m basically your twin as far as height, weight, and velocity. I’ve just started an off season workout program to try and gain some speed ony my pitches. I’m doing some weightlifting, but I’m isolating the muscles you use when you pitch. I do low amounts of weight, but high repetitions so I don’t get too bulky. Stuff like bench press, bicep curls, tricep lifts, leg extensions for quads, and leg raises or w/e for hamstrings, I work on my calves by holding weight and raising up on my toes. Than I do like shoulder lifts and back rows. Also situps are good. I’m doing some longtoss, but i’m not sure about the weighted ball. What do you think?