An Idea

Over my tenuous pitching career(Max 4-5 years lol, Junior in HS) ive experimented with different mechanics and arm actions that I still practice with to keep my arm and body flexible.
So the idea is maybe I can take a video of myself using different mechanics, efficient or not and post it here. Then i can post the radar readings or even better, make you guys guess which one is the fastest before I post the speeds.
I just thought it might be beneficial to some people so they can compare and analyze the mechanics to see why one is faster than the other.
First and foremost I would need to take a decent video, hard to come by.
If i get some support maybe i’ll do it.

No one is going to take more interest in your development than YOU. Only your parents will come close.

Don’t take action based on what other people want or might be interested in. If you want to do it and you want help, post the video. If you don’t care enough to do that, why should we care enough to ask for it?

Why would you consider posting old mechanics videos. If you need help with your mechanics post your current mechanics.