An Excellent Skipper and Slowey's no hitter

“I would boo me too,” Gardenhire said. “I took a pitcher out with a no-hitter going. But I would do it 1,000 times the same way.”

The reason was simple: Elbow tendinitis caused Slowey to miss his last start. Combine that with 106 pitches to get through seven innings and there was little chance of him throwing two more innings – even if he continued to hold the Athletics without a hit.

“We’re not going to come close to risking this guy,” Gardenhire said. “It’s the way it is. It’s sad. I’d be booing too because I want to see a no-hitter, but I also know I’m responsible for this guy’s arm.”

----From ESPN’s website.

plus he just walked the guy before that too.

I would love to see little league coaches step up and take pitchers out when they were at their limit, it shows coaches being responsible.

true, i say you let a healthy guy throw 150 pitches max in the case of a no hit but in this situation that was perfect. whatever the perfect game, dont ruin your career for it

he wanted to save him for the playoffs. a good manager and player puts his team before his ego. joe torre has no damn reason though. the way things are looking were gonna have to go for te wild card.

but the trades we got are certainly helping