An article on Juiced Bats, Corked Bats and Cheating

Brian Bretzke just emailed me an article he just published on juiced bats and the length some baseball hitters go to to doctor their bats and cheat. His article can be read here:


Thanks for sharing that article with us. I have been an advocate for the return to wood bat use from college on down to Little League. I have had many spirited debates with others especially on the ASMI website. While I would love to see more wood bat usage I do not support legislation banning non-wood bat usage. I’d love to see it happen voluntarily.

The manipulation or alteration of factory non-wood bats is a serious problem. I live in an area where there are literally hundreds of tool and die shops capable of rolling and shaving bats. I would think that rolling a bat would effect it’s factory diameter and that diameter should be consistent within each model of bat. Food for thought.

Another link to a similar site I learned about from another forum. Notice how they market the bat for use in “practice, home run derby and tournaments where there are no bat restirctions” What? Who would be nuts enough to pitch in a tourney with NO bat restrictions?

This site makes me cringe when I think about how often a pitcher might face a juiced bat in their youth to college career?

i wouldn’t put my comp bat through any of that. It makes be cringe when i see that. People honestly take it too far.

It seems like these type of sites are all over the internet now. I wouldn’t do it myself but I came across this site and they seem to have allot of information about the subject.