An apple, an Orange and a Popcorn Ball

If you are reading this post you have already received the best Christmas gift there is to have. Your life and all its potential is yours to control from this point forward. But a gift is for sharing and your life is not an exception. In fact, your life is made more meaningful by its interaction with others.

Both of my parents came from poor families and were raised during the Great Depression. It was not unusual for them to receive an apple, an orange or even a popcorn ball for Christmas.

The end of World War II and their entering the workplace during the steel making renaissance are the main factors that caused my parents and millions like them to lavish expensive gifts on their children.

But the best gifts were the lessons passed on by my parents. Lessons of sharing, caring, making do and making something useful of yourself through personal pride and perseverance. All things that were learned during their poor impoverished years.

Henry Ford said famously,”Whether you think you can, or think you can’t; you’re right.”

Along the way, today and everyday ahead; don’t hesitate to share of yourself and your gift of life. Otherwise, what’s the point?

To me, that’s really what this forum is all about.
Wishing you the best in all your baseball endeavors.

Right you are, Dino. Whether it’s an apple, an orange and/or a popcorn ball or a blazing fastball, a devastating slider or a Bugs Bunny changeup, if you can share those with others you are indeed twice blessed.
I pitched for 24 years. Not much of a fastball, but I had an extensive arsenal of breaking and offspeed pitches, and I also had an incredible pitching coach who showed me how to make the most of what I had; I was a natural, honest-to-gosh sidearmer who used the crossfire a lot, and I had lots of fun making the opposing batters looking very, very stupid indeed. I have been able to share with other pitchers seeking advice and assistance, and I’ve been cruising not only this website but also another one called “Sidearm Nation” in which I do the same thing.
And so I wish you and yours the best of the season and a terrific New Year—and perhaps a no-hitter or two into the bargain. :baseballpitcher:
By the way, did you notice that this animated emoticon is a sidearmer???

All the best to you and yours Dino

As well as to everyone else on LTP