An Apology is in Order

I owe scorekeeper a big apology for reacting the way I did on a recent question here.
My Mrs brought this to my attention while glancing over my shoulder. Seems as if a mood swing got the better of me and I directed a quick snap of poor judgement, no make that very poor judgement in the direction of a man that deserved better.

To all that viewed that posting, on my part, I owe you all an apology.

This information base is the substance of reason and deliberate exchanges of factual matter, ideas and experiences that promote and help a new generation. I, especially, should have known better.

Coach B.

Didn’t see the comments myself but way to step up about the situation. I think we all need to understand that this forum needs to expand with “OPEN” ideas from everyone and that even if someone thinks on the total opposite end of the spectrum as you they might still be right for their particular situation. I have noticed that attitude can go up here from all but we need to remember that it’s all about opinions.