An ad in Baseball America?

Was thinking about advertising this forum in Baseball America magazine. Mike Marshall does it. Dick Mills used to do it. What do you think? Do you pay attention to those ads in the back of the publication? If not, where do think would be good places to put the forum out there – to advertise it?

I think thats a great idea, maybe you could do an article in their…

Thatd be cool to have it advertised but id try near the beginning of the magazine near an interview or some artical but i woukdnt really know where to put it but good luck.

have you tried other forums, like helping people out but having your pageas a signature and reccomending it?
its free!
other than that you could put an article in a magazine and have one of your forum topics/blogs/articles + at the end a testimonial like in your site, im sure that will grab some attention!

I would put my ad in the new york times since it’s viewed through out America.

thatd be some big bucks

Oh yeah: NY Times … that’s 1st-round signing-bonus money for the Yankees. Not the Chicago Cubs. :slight_smile: