Ambidextrous Pitcher

Hi, I’m a switch pitcher, and need to build velocity in my left arm which I locate better with. My right arm I can locate ok with. Also what is a good six fingered glove?

Try this

Switch pitchers are rather rare, but they do exist. The Yankees have one in their farm system, a guy named Pat Venditte who throws with either hand. As far as I know, there’s nothing in the rule book that prohibits switching from one hand to the other, except you can’t do it with the same batter up there at the plate. You can pitch righthanded to one batter and then switch over and pitch lefthanded to the next one.
You can check with several manufacturers of baseball gloves; there should be a couple who can build you a glove to meet your requirements. The same goes for switch hitters—they can bat righthanded one time and lefthanded the next, and there are more of them in the majors than you think. 8)

6 fingered glove reminds me of The Princess Bride. Good movie! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Just watched it with my daughters last weekend. They love it!

A six fingered glove reminds me of Antonio Alfonseca. He has 6 fingers on both hands!

Talk to SwitchPitch39 on here he’s got a log in the personal pitching logs he might be able to help you out.

I bought my son this ambidextrous glove. It took a while to break in properly (creating two pockets), but he loves it!

The Princess Bride…
Oh, THAT movie! I’m in my den not that long ago,on a nice summer’s eve, windows open, enjoying the nice breeze when I can faintly hear a youngster’s voice …

“My name is Victor Montoya, you killed my father – you SOB – prepare to die. “
“My name is Victor Montoya, you killed my father – you SOB – prepare to die.”

I bolt out of my chair, out my front door and find one of my neighbor’s kids pointing a sharp stick at another kid – with those words rolling out of his mouth!

I was about to halt everything when the youngster who’s being pointed at says… “it’s ok mister, I get to torture him later.”

Geese Louise… where do these kids come up with this stuff!

Coach B.


That would of been priceless to see