Ambidextrous Pitcher

Our high school holds tryouts for the freshman every August. I went by to check out how our future would be looking pitching wise, and there was a kid who could throw strikes with both right and left arms. He said that when he was little his mom bought him the wrong glove. I thought this was pretty cool. Velocity was not overwhelming with either, probably mid-high 60s for a kid thats gonna be a freshman. I was wondering if anyone else has seen one, and how much of an advantage is this?

It’d be tough to use both in 1 game. I mean, I could see switching in different innings or something, or going 4 righty 3 lefty ect… like making a pitching change. Butttt, it takes the same toll on your legs so it’s not like it’d be healthy to pitch 100 pitches w/ 1 arm and the next day 100 with the other. The body as a whole needs to recover.
Otherwise, it’s pretty neat. One of the Molina brothers actually pitches BP lefty and can throw like 75 w/ a curve lol, even though he’s right handed.

I have seen two guy’s in my lifetime. one guy’s name was Greg Harris and he pitched in the mid 80’s for the padres along with some other teams and he had a just one glove that fit each hand. He didn’t do it all the time but they did let him try it a couple time in a gm. RH was his strong side and lefty was kind of a novelty act but still good.

The other guy pitches for Creighton Pat Venditte and same thing one glove for each hand and he switches back and forth according to what the hitter was, saw him do this against Nebraska in person. he warmed up that way too, eight pts RH 8 pts lefthanded but he’s pretty good on each side. It was kind of neat though

There was a kid that pitched in the little league WS in the 80’s for Mexico. He could pitch righty and lefty. It was a while back that I saw the article about him, but I think he would switch depending on the batter. Dont quote me on that, though.

Pitchers almost never have leg injuries, always arm injuries. If his right arm was sore he could just pitch lefty, I think that’s pretty cool.

I was working at a Perfect Game tournament a couple weeks ago and there was a pitcher who topped out in the low 90’s right handed and upper 80’s left handed. He threw almost everyday of the tournament just switching his arm everyday.

How would it be if a “switch pitcher” faced a switch hitter? haha
Have you ever thought about that? hehe