Ambidextrous Pitcher Analysis

College freshman, ambidextrous pitcher. Right side is much better side, fractured growth plate in left elbow (Little leaguer’s elbow) at 13 y/o. Up to 91 mph from the right side this spring, left side 81 mph.

More concerned about left side. Arm never really feels good and throwing becomes painful relatively quickly. I am attaching slow motion videos of both sides. Feel free to make comments on the right side as well, but any glaring issues on the left side?

Any help is much appreciated! I would love to be a functioning ambidextrous pitcher again! Thank you all!



hard to see from so far away but the right side contains almost elite mechanics. on the left side however the drive leg is unstable, drive leg collapses and rotates early causing early hip rotation. arm path looks inefficient on the left side and the foot opens up at footplant and generally doesn’t do a whole lot to block the body when throwing/ then again blocking could be an issue due to throwing indoors with tennis shoes vs outdoors with spikes. would suggest higher quality video

I was actually wondering if someone would mention video quality. Was hoping I could just upload videos straight to this site and not have to go through YouTube, which changes the size/orientation of the video.

Could you please explain what you mean by “blocking?” Maybe a new concept for me or Ive heard of the same cue in different words. Otherwise, I really appreciate your comments, and they make a lot of sense to me. I will keep working and also try and upload some better video. Thank you!

2 more videos that might work better. Different angle for the right arm this time.



this video explains what lead leg blocking is:

Thanks for attaching that video, I appreciate it

going through your video again, i’m noticing inefficient drive-leg pattens for both sides, it looks like you’re not getting into your posterior enough. I’ve attached a couple of videos for you to check out if you have time. It could be a sequencing issue which is easily fixed or it could be a more serious mobility issue.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for those videos. I have attached a video of me throwing lefty and I’m hoping I improved in terms of drive leg mechanics. I think I still need work on the front leg though, specifically front leg blocking.