Am I Working Out too much?

I just got stevens book and there are many great things but the workout plan was a little light for me. it works real nicely but I needed to add some stuff. I just want to make sure I am not overworking muscle groups. I am never sore after workouts/ do not feel pain. I find yoga very relaxing and it makes my body feel great (I would not call it a workout)

every morning and every night I do
25 pushups
25 squats (1 set of prisoner squats with 12 lb medicine ball)

monday wednesday friday (some variation of this but this is normally what i do all these days)
run 5 minutes
some jumping exercises
lightweight dumbbells (2 lbs) around 5-6 different kinds of stretches
crunches around 40 (4 types)
6 inches (6 sets of 20 seconds)
leg curl 3 setsX10 reps each 50 lbs
shoulder pulldown 3 setsX10reps each 50 lbs
cables 3 setsX10 reps each 50 lbs
then some sort of sprinting run 7 rest 15, run 15 rest 30, sprint 10 rest 10, sprint 30 rest 90, (around 5-8 reps)

tuesday and thursday 3 hr baseball practice
I use jbands
I do some medicine ball stretches, hit, field, throw long toss and then bullpen, (around 40-70 pitches) depending on how far i long tossed

yoga or long toss or long run either of the three

off/ yoga

thanks for any advice/tips

You definitely aren’t working out too much if this is all you do…are you saying you add all of this in addition to the TuffCuff workouts?

I wouldn’t say you’re working out too much but the amount of working out should be related inversely to how much you’re actually pitching/playing.

If you’re out of season or are in season just to keep the blood moving in your arm I would say you should mix in some heavier lifting. I don’t know your age, height/weight, or anything like that but some time lifting weights could be good.

With your current workout program you won’t get significantly stronger (not that strength is the end all by any means). It appears you’re doing a good job with your core exercises but as the post above me mentions some more rotator cuff would be good.

I am 16 and 5’7

all the lightweight stuff i do is all rotator cuff

i am offseason right now but will start a fall season in a couple weeks