Am I too Late?

I’m a former high school 2B, SS, & 3B player. I just turned 27 yrs old and have not played since I graduated high school. I’ve always wanted to continue playing but bad decisions in the past prevented me from doing so. Now I’m 27 yrs old and still have a big love for the game and I’m in a better position in life to pursue baseball. . I’ve been working out and practicing on my own for the Major league scouting 2007 as a 2nd baseman. l I remember everything my coach taught me and it feels like just yesterday I was playing. My questions are. Is it too late for me? Did I wait too long? What are my options?

Your opinion is much appreciated and any word of advice.

Well majors is a big accomplishment but if you love the game theres many leagues you can get into to have some fun. A lot depends on skill you have to be very very good for the majors but you can always find other leagues to have fun in. Or even mens softball leagues

Try and independent league, there not that hard to get into and if you really want to make the majors, then thats a good place to start for somebody your age. But don’t get your hopes up, because at 27, even if you were drafted right now, your still looking at 3-5 years in the minors.

As far as I’m concerned its never to late (unless your 95 ewww… :frowning: :shock: :shock:) look at Jimmy Morris he didn’t play in MLB until he was 40
and he still threw the ball 98mph. he only played for 2 years but if that was me I would sell my soul to the devil just to play 1/3 of an inning because nothing is better then playing before a packed crowd even if its only a class A
field. To feel the warmth of the lights is like nothing you ever experienced. That is my dream.

You can play independent ball. Up here in the Northeast, the Lancaster Barnstormers had 2-3 players on there roster who didn’t play the year before.

I’d say climbing up through the ranks that way would be your best bet. Even if you are really good it’s doubtful a 27 year old would be drafted. But anyone can make it if you are dedicated.