Am I Pitching hard enough?

I am a 14 year old freshman,RHP,I throw low 80’s 78-82.I have a 12-6 curve that drops from the neck to the belly button (65-68 mph.)I also have a circle change that is about 67-70 mph.)I came into freshman year throw tops 70 and worked all offseason with weightlifting and working on my mechanics to throw low 80’s constantly.Half way through my freshman year I am in the varsity rotation and have an ERA of 2.33,Teams don’t usually get more than 5 hits off me when i start.As a senior i want to be throwing 93+ with the circle change and 12-6 curve.At this pace do you think I can reach my goal?

As far as I know, an 80+ mph fastball as a freshman is well above average. Adding a circle change and 12/6, that is very good. Keep working like you have been and things should work your way. Good Luck!

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You could. You could also just be an early bloomer and never gain any velo ever again.

Get to know yourself. You’re on your way so stay focused, and know when you can give more, whether on the field or in the weightroom. Don’t abuse, you are really young so you could keep growing it. The key is PATIENCE and solid mechanics

You’re not looking to see if you’re throwing hard enough, you’re looking for a pat on the back.

The fact that you made varsity as a freshman should tell you something, no?

How many other freshman made varsity?

Therein lies your answer.

The fact that you can recite so many of your stats and speeds precisely tells me you’re more than aware of what the average velocity for a freshman is.

Thank God you’re physically gifted enough to throw that hard that young.

Cross your fingers that you haven’t physically peaked though.

Oh, and one more thing…humility is always an asset.

My 14 year old son trains with another fourteeen year old that’s throwing 90 right now.

Using HIM as a barometer, you have quite a ways to go.

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relax man, he’s 14 lol. And who’s this kid ur son works out with who throws 90? Michael Kopech topped 90 as a 14 y/o and he’s one of THE hardest throwing pitchers in all of baseball

If you work hard, hit the weight room, and really try to perfect your craft you can. 93 is a big goal, but there’s no reason you can’t. What you put in is what you get out. Maybe a velocity training program will help too. I’m a big believer in the 3x program. A lot of people like driveline but I’m not crazy about weighted balls

He’s a member of the USSSA 14u national team and won the strongest arm competition at Cooperstown. Home schooled kid.

Any other questions?

My son did 28 1-1/2hr sessions of Driveline training this winter.

42 hours total.

Still hasn’t thrown a weighted ball yet.

Driveline wants to make sure that kids are far enough along in their velocity development where they can handle weighted ball training. There are certain protocols that are followed before Driveline introduces weighted baseballs.

He must be getting looks from colleges already lol

Not sure, nor does it concern me…

But I know what I saw with my two eyes on the radar gun.

There were two other kids in that same training class, both eighth graders, that hit 80mph on the gun.

My son, a 5’7" 120 lb freshman, topped out at 72 mph.

If he gets to mid-high 70s by the end of his freshman season I’ll be happy.

Disregard the “pace”- learning a skill isn’t linear(you’re not going to progress equally every pen/inning/blahblah. Just learn. You’d be amazed at how one little cue you pick up can change your game. Don’t feel anxious about trying to throw 62837MPH, I was that way up until first semester of college and since it’s been incredible seeing the changes you can make to your game. One day you’re toppin 76 in a pen and thinking if you’ll turn it around, the next you’re cruisin 84 and putting up doughnuts. Let the game come to you dude.

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