Am I a power pitcher?

My stats:
IP: 30 1/3
Record: 3-1
WL%: 75%
SV: 2
GP: 7
ERA: 1.21
Runs: 8
Earned Runs: 5
Batters Faced: 112
Hits: 21
BB: 4 walks, 1 HBP
SO: 43
HR: 0
SO/7: 6.1
WHIP: 0.86
Total Pitches: 410
K%: 69%

Can anyone calculate if I am a power pitcher or not?!

Stop worrying what “kind” of Pitcher you are and spend that time and energy making yourself a better Pitcher.

This. You labeled yourself a power pitcher when you first posted, why make a thread questioning yourself about it? It doesn’t matter. Perhaps post video of your mechanics like you said you would a few weeks ago. Maybe you’ll be throwing harder by next week and you won’t have to question whether you’re a power pitcher or not.

I agree with both above commenters. If your getting outs, who cares how your doing it. Stop worrying about what kindof pitcher you are. I’ll admit I don’t throw the hardest or have good control, but I get outs and lots of them when i’m on. I act like a power pitcher although I am not. I attack the zone and give the hitters my best stuff and dare them to hit it, thats all you should be worrying about now…

The Yankees’ Big Three rotation of long ago had one of each. Vic Raschi was a power pitcher. Eddie Lopat was a finesse pitcher. Allie Reynolds was a power pitcher with finesse. And you might be some combination of those three, so don’t worry about it. Just work at making the most of what you have and can do.
:slight_smile: 8)