Am I a Beginner or Intermediate Lifter?

I’m 6’1 180 lbs with 10% body fat.
My one rep max on the deadlift is 325.
My max number of pullups is 6.
I front squat 185 6x (1 RM= 215)
I can free weight front squat 95 lbs 9 times. (1 RM = 123lbs.)

Likely a novice.


Novice for sure.

lol definitely a novice. Bodyfat isn’t important really

Just your three lifts. Like bench, squat, deadlift. Even though pitchers really don’t need to bench(i do anyways)…

X1 bodyweight bench
X2 bodyweight squat
X2 bodyweight deadlift

X1.5 bodyweight bench
X2 bodyweight squat
X2 bodyweight deadlift


X2 bodyweight bench
X3 bodyweight squat
X3 bodyweight deadlift

Thats basically what i would go by.

Lets take a 200lb male. For him to be advanced he would have to have

400lb bench
600lb squat
600 lb deadlift

This is more or less the guide line i would think. Don’t forget to be an advanced guy, means you have absolutely no more strength gains left, and you are basically done growing. The only thing left to do is just to shape the muscle, and make it more defined.

This is what bodybuilders go buy.

There is no need for a baseball player in my mind to be an advanced lifter, at all.