Always get nervous help

before and during each game i always get nervous. i am afraid eventually it will affect my performance plus it makes pitching less fun. what can i do?

Practically every pitcher, even the most experienced of the lot, gets a few butterflies every so often. I see it as the body’s adrenaline getting going, revving up for the game. All right. But it seems to me that you’re talking about really getting nervous, and the fact that this continues throughout the game is something that needs to be looked at.
Let’s see now. What are you most concerned about? Is it the batters you have to face? Or is it something to do with your mechanics—or your stuff? Are you, perhaps, worried about your ability to pitch in tight spots with less than your best stuff? I would suggest that you talk to your pitching coach and let him know what’s going on with you, and the two of you can address these concerns together.
Let me tell you a hair-raising story and its successful conclusion…This happened many moons ago. I had been hearing all sorts of horrible, nightmarish tales from pitchers at every level, all centering around the theme of “My stuff isn’t working!” You know—the curve ball hangs, the slider is flat, the knuckleball won’t knuckle, can’t find the strike zone—the whole schmear. I hadn’t thought about that, but one winter (1951-52) I started wondering about these things, wondering what I would do in such situations, and suddenly “How would I handle it” became “Could I handle it”, and one night I had a nightmare about this. I awoke with a start and couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple of hours.
One afternoon I found myself talking to my pitching coach (he was an active major-league pitcher), and I suddenly started telling him about this nightmare. He interrupted with a quiet “We’ll start there”, and he introduced me to a psychological strategy I’d had no idea he knew anything about. He took me deep into an exploration that hit the focal point: my uncertainty about my ability to pitch in tough situations when I didn’t have my best stuff. He went right after it, and in about an hour he knocked the whole problem out of commission, restored my confidence and demolished any anxieties I might have had. The next day I went out and pitched a two-hit shutout, walked no one and struck out twelve batters. I never had that problem again.
I don’t know what your situation is exactly, but if the problem does turn out to be psychological you might talk to someone who knows and can help. Good luck. 8) :greenmartian:

thanks for the reply. hope it helps me

Zita, what did this guy actually say to you?
whatever he said then it surely worked

Hello, xanderh. Sorry I took so long to reply to your post, but this is the first time I’ve seen it…This guy had a good working knowledge of the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to his work as a pitching coach (besides being one of the Yankees’ aces he doubled as an extra pitching coach for the team), and I had never suspected this, but I found out pretty quickly. He used a version of the progressive-relaxation induction, and he got me into a state of deep, quiet relaxation in which everything was suspended and all I was aware of was what he was telling me. When we hit that focal point he knew immediately what I was up against and he went right after it, emphasizing my trusting my stuff. In a little over an hour he knocked that whole thing out of commission. It was an incredible experience, and it got me squared away—as I said, I never had this problem again.
You never know what a pitching coach might be able to do to help. 8)