Alternates to squats


I have a knee condition called osgood schlatter so I can’t do squats or exercises having to really bend my knees a lot without a lot of pain on my knees so I was wondering if their are any bodyweight leg exercises besides knee bending exercises.


How old are you?


You should consult both an orthopedic specialist and a PT with knowledge of the situation. They are both likely to suggest some alternative exercises you can do, particularly the PT who has had experience with this situation. I for one have had injuries that prevent me from doing things like squats, not to mention osteoarthritis in both knees, so I know what you’re up against. Go talk to them and see what they have to say. Good luck. 8)


I am 14. I went to physio already a few weeks back and they gave me exercises to help my knees but no alternate exercises for leg strengthening.


Keep going to the physio, once they help the knee and the condition then they might start giving you exercises to help you strengthen the leg while not doing more damage to the knee.

Everything is done step by step, don’t get discouraged or want to jump a few steps because you don’t think what you’re currently doing is helping.



Plus the condition, from what I know, is temporary. Do what the physio tells you.


I had the condition myself. While it may be painful, you aren’t likely to do permanent damage to your knee. Stay away form activities that cause pain, obviously. That being said, training around knee problems basically involves avoiding exercises that use the quadriceps beyond a shallow knee bend, as the quadriceps insert via the patella.

In other words, no squatting, but things like RDL’s or single leg RDLs that use only a very shallow knee bend will be okay. I had patellar tendinitis freshman year of college and couldn’t do a bodyweight squat without pain, but I could RDL 350+ lbs for reps because there is virtually no quad involvement. Glute ham raises and forward sled drags are great options as well. Leg curls should be fine, but avoid leg extension, lunges or any type of exercise that specifically targets the quads. You will be hammering the glutes and hamstrings for some time, and may be able to tolerate light bodyweight squats or lunges if the condition improves.

All this being said, consult with your doc first and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Just my .02