Alright so I need some help

I’m going to a Phillies game July 10th…and one of my goals is to get Chipper Jones autograph before he retires…that’ll be easy sence they’re the away team…

my real question is

I’m trying to get Roy Halladays autograph, he is my idol (as you can see by my number) and it is extremly hard to get the home teams autograph let alone Roy Halladays. I really want to be able to get his autograph at that game…is there any tips on how I can get it, or a place that I could go to try to get it…they have to leave right after that game, because they have an away game after that game…I REALLY would like to meet him and get his autograph…he has been my favorite player ever sence I was playin’ in the pee wee league.

If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it!

Get to the ballpark as early as possible and wait for the gates to open. If you’re lucky the Phillies will be signing autographs, assuming Halladay is not pitching he may be included in the guys signing. Your only chance is to get there really early, if things are looking bleak then I’d make a dash for the Braves dugout and try to salvage something out of it, even if you don’t get Chipper at least you could get something.

Go to
Join his forum. It is run by pro pitcher (sidearm) Pat Neshek. His favorite hobby is collecting autographs. His website is all about them. Check it out!