Alright or should i change?

so, when i’m there, doing practice, fielding bunts or doing drills im always joking around, being nice and all, but when bullpen session starts, i get so entence to the point that i actually look crazy like i’m straight out of a mental institute i mean, it’s not just good presence on the mound it’s like i’m gonna kill somebody, and we’re just in bullpen session. my coaches are scare and nobody want to do the fake batter for me. today i was all over the place but realized it was because i moved my head too much in my delivery. i can get pretty much accurate but before i go the the mound i have a game plan, and when i put my foot on the rubber, at the exact moment, every times, i feel like there is total rage, fury that starts from my knees and enters my head. i swear to god i feel it and i start to have all these manic rituals and i don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, i mean, it’s so natural and weird.

Nothing wrong with looking crazy and putting a scare in the opposing team. But if it starts to get in the way of your own performance, then you need to tone it down a bit. You need to be relaxed regardless of what you look like. Tensing up usually impacts performance.

That’s how I pitched all the time. I love this mentality!

roger, you’re telling me to keep doing it outside but be calm inside? looks pretty hard to me and probably is something that comes by practice, i can’t really practice it without being in the real situation though, because it doesn’t happens if i’m just fooling around.

steven, what do you mean by this mentality? scaring hitters or actually looking crazy? were you feeling it inside of you too or was it just outside?

I pitched with an intensity like John Rocker. (It was a feeling on the inside that projected on the outside.) Sure, he wasn’t the greatest guy off field – and he had his issues on field and in the media, too. But he pitched with an intensity that enabled him to be successful. Many people thought he was crazy. I’m sure that didn’t make too many hitters completely comfortable in the batter’s box. That’s the point: If you can make hitters feel uncomfortable because they think you’re crazy – you win before even making a pitch. So there’s nothing wrong with being intense. There’s nothing wrong with being perceived as crazy. And if you can harness that intensity, it can be an effective leg up on the competition. I would never change a guy who pitched with this intensity whether it was in practice or games. And to be honest, I wish more pitchers had this intensity when they took the mound.

well, that’s probably the best thing i heard as an advice and i seriously feel better about myself. i have to work on mechanics to be able to get the ball there in the good spot now. my coach thinks i have an unhortodox delivery but that’s just how i learned to pitch, watching guys like rob dibble and eckerlsey. control problems were probably coming from my layback while lifting my leg up, i’ll try to lay to 2 base instead of 3 base. oh and for rocker, i forgot about that guy. he sure was something. anyway, thank you for real.

i like what steven said about john rocker he is scary out there and if a hitter gets second thoughts about you, as steven said you win. Another great example of somebody who gives a wild, crazy, scary presence is Randy Johnson. Catch his eyes peering over his glove and theres a serious rage going on there. Hes snarling as he throws and all that along with his 6’10" frame and 100+ mph fastball who isnt scared?

i think i need to do that because when i pitch i tend to laugh when someone swings and misses at one of my pitches when seeing their weird swing :lol:

lol i suppose thats an ok thing to do. i mean why not? you put a pitch by somebody and they severly miss rub it in and make them feel worse/ technically you are getting in their head, just in a different way