Almost 13 year old arsenal


I throw sidearm and i have a four seamer, a sinker, a circle change, and a slurve. Is this good for jr. High age?


And i am just starting to throw sidearm is this bad for me???


Some folks on these boards may think you have too many pitches and should concentrate on just the fastball and a changeup. I don’t agree with that thinking. You have four good pitches, and any one of them can be turned into a nice changeup—I remember how my wise and wonderful pitching coach told me this and demonstrated a few such and showed me how to throw them. It’s a matter of the grip, easing up on it and holding the ball a bit looser—the important thing is, you have to throw everything with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as for a fast ball.
And the sidearm delivery is actually the easiest and the most natural of all the pitching motions. If you’re comfortable with it and can use it effectively, by all means stick with it and don’t let anyone tell you different! The nice thing is that the batters have a very difficult time picking up your pitches, and you can get a lot of strikeouts that way. :baseballpitcher: