Allen Jaeger and tubing/long toss

Does anyone know if this program is good? I know that it is used to reduce injury and keep the arm healthy and throw longer and harder into games. How is the long toss in it?

Is the program worth buying for Christmass?

Doesn’t he essentially give away his program on his website, There’s also an article on his long toss philosophy at

E-bay’s got his video for $30.

i have the program. it’s good. takes a while to get through it. the bands are a lighter weight but the exercisesare good for maintaining a healthy arm. explains his long toss program very well.

could you talk about the way his long toss program is set up so that I can get an idea what it’s about?

Go to this portion of Alan’s website.

I’ve read it all but I would like to know how far would he tell a 15 year old to throw to?

I prob will buy it later in the year as a long toss maybe and deff tubing pre and post game warm-up and cool down.

He would tell a 15yo to work your way out gradually and let your arm tell you how far you can throw. Typically, you won’t get out to your true maximum distance right away. Generally, because you aren’t used to playing long toss and throwing on an arc you you’ll be frustrated the first week or so then start to see some significant improvements in distance before setttling back to more gradual increases.

What we do is set a goal for distance that is a little further than previously and he tries to work his way out to that distance. If he doesn’t make it that stays his goal for the next session. What we don’t do is insist that he reach a distance if his arm doesn’t feel up to it.

I’d recommend starting with your goal for your first session at 180’, assuming a crow hop and throwing on an arc. That should be relatively easy and if it is then I’d suggest you move up about 15’ a session until you have trouble reaching a distance then you’ll find that increasing 5’ a session is a challenge. Remember to work your way out gradually. If you try to throw full distance too soon it isn’t good for your arm and you won’t be able to do it. For example, my son’s goals were 265’, 270’ and 275’ for each of his last 3 sessions and even though he hit 280’ last time out the goal for the next session will still be 280’ and hopefully he can reach that distance more than a couple times next session. Then he’ll move up and try to reach 285’. You’ll find that once you can hit a distance fairly regularly you’ll get a few that go longer each session.

My recommendation starting out is to play long toss 3 days a week, i.e., MWF, with only light throwing in between. If you need to throw a hard pen then I’d do it in place of the long toss session.

Pay attention to how your arm feels. Once you get to near your max distance you’ll be putting a fair amount of stress on your arm and it will be important to give it a chance to recover and not to overdo it.

Another thing to be aware of is wind. The wind can have a significant effect on how far you can throw so you have to adjust your distance depending on the wind direction. Even in a light breeze my son sees a difference of about 20’ between throwing with the breeze and against it.

ok so I havea q’s CaDad the first time I go out to long toss what do I do?

Should I start like 60 feet warm-up then move back till I get to a comfortable distance where my arm feels good and try to listen to my arm?

how many throws should I get to overall?

Yes. No fixed number of throws. Just gradually work your way out. I wouldn’t make more than 5 to 10 throws at near full distance until you’ve been doing it a while.

How many total throws till I get to 180 should I do? then i will do 10 to see how far back I can go and find that comfort zone.