All you can say is wow...😳


The kid is fun to watch
The best facsimile to "The Great Greg


And just in case anyone had a problem with my comparison…

Greg vs Kyle year three of both careers

:sunglasses: All you can say is wow and take bets to see if he stays as injury free


In case it was missed…yet another WOW outing…the guy is locked in :sunglasses:

One hit the Cardinals

What Kyle had to say…worth a listen


I wonder what odds makers had on odds of this guy winning the ERA title?

Can you say…ERA champ?


rick porcello is on the brinks of winning the american league CY young award


Are you a Red Sox fan?


yes why u a Yankees or blue jays fan


Like I was sayin
In a world where Joe Bucks bromance with Kershaw has reached the absurdThrowing up just a little …Kyle, head to head has given only 1 run vs 5 for “Golden Clayton” and went out there last night and showed that the very best NL pitcher was Dartmouths own Kyle Hendricks…what a show of clutch game dominating ownership😎


This guy is the MVP in my world…got super pitcher (Kershaw, Kluber…whoever)? bring in this quiet self effacing man and watch them fall.


Add Steven Strasburg to the victim list…this kid is a big gamer like none I’ve seen in years. His performance in game one was classic and very Madduxesque…ground balls and K’s…So in the last two years he’s faced 3 of the very best in MLB and walked away with at the very least his team winning.