All this snow and sub freezing temperatures!

are starting to worry me. Tomorrow is wednesday, a scheduled throwing day. I’ve committed to the 90 day throwing program in Tuff Cuff and tomorrow I’m scheduled to light toss toss, 8 minutes from 60-90ft. (the 8th scheduled throwing day) Ok, no problem @ 90ft, but next week the schedule calls for throws @ 120ft and in 20 days from 150ft. With this snow and sub freezing temperatures, how is it I can stay on track with my scheduled throwing sessions and arm strengthening? Can I hear from some of you guys who aren’t fortunate enough to call california, florida, nevada or the likes home?

lol, today marked some more snow. Just threw long toss 9 days ago, and now we’re getting 6+ inches of snow. This is ridiculous.

I would increase the intensity and decrease the distance. You can also throw into a net at an upwards angle if you have a batting cage to simulate it; we do this occasionally to get the arms warmed up.