All over the place

so ive been real busy with school and stuff and havent had any time to do anything baseball oriented really

ive been throwing at an indoor baseball training facility and my mechanics r just all over the place…

-my arm slot is down to almost sidearm from 3/4
-my arm action is different every throw
-people are saying that when i start my shoulders rotating that my elbow is below my shoulder instead of above or in line with
-half of the balls tend to go way up and to the right (RHP)
-im throwing a bit over my body

also, when i throw it feels like i cant get any more power out of my body then what is already being made… mechanical issue or just not strong enough?

also, would it be bad for my elbow to be below my shoulder… not by much at all… 1-2mm when i start my shoulders rotating? ive been trying to get it up but it hurts when i do what everyone says (keeping elbow above shoulder)

at the moment my arm action looks alot like john papelbon’s but when i throw hard my bicep starts to tingle and my fingers start to tingle, so im thinking on changing that lol

any suggestions or anything at all?