All About The Change Up

I have a few questions about this pitch. I have been throwing it more and more and it seems to be doing well. The problem I’m having is that I know my arm speed is slower. I do it on purpose but in a way accidently. I have this mind set that if I don’t slow my arm speed down then it is going to go the same speed as my fastball. I know that the grip is supposed to do the job but I’m still having a hard time throwing it as hard as my fastball. The pitch has really been successful this year and I’ve gotten several strikeouts with it and weak hits with it even though I sort of make it obvious. What can I do to have more confidence in myself to throw it hard? When should I throw it? Should I throw it in warm ups a lot? If I throw it a whole lot (in warm ups) will my other fingers get stronger and make it faster so it’s not much difference between my fastball and my curve. Also is it necessary to pronate your wrist for screwball action? I find this to be quite difficult for me. I really appreciate this site in helping me find a great pitch but like I said I just need some advice to give me more confidence. It really does make a hitter looks silly. :lol:

Tinker, Tinker, and Tinker some more. I had the same problem as you, and then one day found a grip I like, and now my change is my most reliable pitch. Mess around with grips, choke it more, loosen it in your hand, experiment until you find a grip that works. BUt remember to throw a fastball with a different grip, whatever that grip may be, and you will be succesful.

what about pronation? also is pronating the wrist dangerous?

If you can throw your change-up with pronation then you’ll be imparting some force around the ball instead of through the ball. That will both reduce the speed of the pitch and it may give you some movement due to the spin of the ball.

Pronating is reasonably safe - the arm already pronates after you release the ball regardless of the pitch you throw so pronating into release is simply rotating the arm the same direction it’s going to go any ways. Still, only pronate to your comfort level.

Do you pronate before release or during release?

You need to be pronated at release so you have to start pronating before release.

Pronation before release doesn’t tip the pitch off? Sorry for so many questions.

Not if you’re throwing with FB arm speed. The tip off to the change is slower arm and/or body movement, and some folks can pick up the grip early enough to think change. But if you’re going against a pitcher who hides the ball well, picking up the grip is nearly impossible. And that’s what makes it so effective.

Yeah, what hoseman said.

alright, thanks for your replies. Also is it a big no no to throw this pitch inside? Where is the most effective location to throw it?

A change-up thrown inside can often produce a foul ball. But you need to make sure the batter has already seen your fastball.

If you’re CU moves down and in on a righty, go ahead and throw inside to him. Just make sure it finishes off the plate. If it doesn’t break, you’re taking a huge chance that a good hitter will turn on it and bang it off a cadillac in the parking lot.