Alan jaeger long toss

Does anyone see any problem with his long toss program. ive been on it for about a month and ill be the first to say that my arm feels great throwing 90 yards already could only throw 80 at the beginning of the program. I am also lifting 2-3 times a week which might be helping. Now i am starting to yoga to help my flexibility

I thinkit will help

if your able to throw 90 yard on somewhat of a line drive i think the program is great. however if you throw the ball high in the air i don’t think it will help because your realese point changes, possibly affecting your control on the mound.

Thats a good point but i think thats where the beauty of the program comes in because after the streching phase there is a pull down phase which forces u to get the ball down on a line to your partner. or else it will go sailing over the head. and just a side note i cant throw 90 yards on a line i was maybe throwing 90 yards yesterday haha but the farthest ive thrown for sure was 85 yards on a football field

okay then the long toss routine seems pretty comprehensive. however i would just be carful and not do to many long tosses where you air it out.