Al cy young

Well is it a starter or a reliever?

Without a doubt its Cliff Lee. The other 2 don’t even compare.

K-Rod for Cy Young and MVP. He’s gonna’ break the single season saves record so I’d say he’s doing alright for himself this year.

i cant believe this is even a topic. cliff lee for sure he should get every single vote. he has 20 wins on a bad team with a great era. krod isnt having a great year by closer standards. he has alot of saves because he gets alot of chances. all of his other stats are much worse than the other elite closers.

If you’re arguing that saves are because of opportunities then let’s see how many wins somebody has is completely dependent on something else as well so don’t use wins. Wins are dependent of your team scoring, the bullpen and the opposing team’s pitcher. So I’d say if you’re using that logic it really should go to Mike Mussina with his comeback year or Roy Halladay who is consistently one of if not the best pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Lee will get it, but you have to give credit to Halliday. If he had any shred of run support in the early season (I dunno about blown saves for him) you wouldn’t even be considering Lee. Halliday is the better pitcher without a doubt in my mind, but the team is againts him sometimes.

pustulio, whats your argument? fine take away the 20 wins for lee and just look at his ridiculous era. that should be enough. if any of the elite closers like papelbon, rivera, nathan had as many chances as krod they would all break the record to.

Well why does he get so many opportunities? Because he’s consistent, not every closer can produce even with those kind of opportunities. I was choosing the best of the 3 choices.

I really do have to go with other though. Halladay has pitched a bunch of complete games, just look at his innings, look at his ERA and look how consistent he is. He’s the one guy when the Yankees face him I’m like “Please throw a no-hitter against Halladay so we at least have a chance!”

not to be mean but something has to be wrong with you if you dont think that cliff lee is the cy young. he has better numbers than anyone else and plays for a bad team.

I agree Lee is absolutely undeniable…20-2 yow…he is it, the top of the tops this year…tip your cap and hope he stays this good. Halliday will come in second…and if someone has money they will somehow figure out how to pry him away from the Jays. He really is so very impressive…but Lee is just that much better this year…Halliday is so darn consistant…I think he’d look great in a Cub uni :smiley: Mark Cuban has the cash…I think adding him and say…a Carl Crawford and my Cubbies will win a couple of World Series…Oh sooooorrryy this is a thread about that other league and I somehow made it go to the Cubs :greengrin:

How can you not include Halladay? He is in the op 5 for all 3 of the triple crown for pitching. And he also has the most CG.

lizard, ya halladay should be in top 3 but you should hes in top 3 in the triple crown categories, well lee is number 1 in the top 2 that matter, wins and era.

I haven’t heard crap about dice-k this year how did he get on your poll?

I don’t know K-rod is having a year but I think Lee will get it. Mariano has only 1 blown save this year but the yankees never give him the opportunity to get into a save situation.

Yeah I was just about to ask… are you a red sux fan or something? no way daisuke wins the cy young this year.

What is the definition of a save situation? K-Rod has no control over how many save opportunities he gets. None. Nada. Zilch. Absolutely zero.

His high number of save situations is created by his team only scoring enough to lead by 3 runs or less very often combined with his set-up guys being very good at holding leads.

What does “consistent” mean?

Not many closers even get that many opportunities. K-Rod obviously is. How do we know the other closers can’t produce the same or better? We don’t. Because obviously they aren’t getting the same amount of opportunities. Why? Because they have absolutely no control over it.

I put Dice K on the list because with all the hype he caused on this forum when he came to MLB you’d think he would have more support…guess not!

Cliff Lee is my first place finisher…the tribe got tossed on the reservation…need I say more, they should have competed for a World Series this year.

Halladay would be my runner up but he plays for toronto and I think they draw less than the Rays…

So my #2 is someone nobody mentioned: Justin Duchsherer WHIP of 1.00 or lower most of the year!

And third…how bout the Moose Mike Mussina…He’s only lost 1 game in his last 10 starts…for a non contending Yankee club

Who cares about closers! That’s not what the award was meant to represent.

red sux? good one, sounds like an angry yanks fan to me.

Actually I’m a happy Blue Jays fan, but I hate the red sox, because now that we lost so many games early in the season, and that we can compete with you “ballplayers” (aka bums) we have too many losses, and even when we go on a 6 game winning streak, you guys go on a 5 game winning streak.

It has to be lee, so many wins with a team that doesnt have many wins at, its pretty amazing wat hes done this year after all that he went through last year