AL Cy Young 09

For me it’s Halladay i mean this guy this nasty plain and simple out of all his starts this season he has registered more than 6k’s in every game. Verlander and him are streets ahead, you know with Halladay even on an off day he will only concede 2 to 5 runs which gives your offense a chance.

most of the time halladay pitches the whole game, and still pitches very good. Occasionally he will lose games, but he seems to bounce back.

What about KING FELIX!

it’ll be tough for Greinke playin with the Royals.

In my opinion justin verlander has just been ridiculous for the past month and a half and I dont know where it came from. In all reality, depending on where (if anywhere), Roy goes he should take it.

This is completely offtopic excuse me for that but I just don’t get what is a 7-1 curveball (your sig).

Oh, and Halladay hands down :wink:

Lets just assume he means 1-7. I throw a 3-9 2 seam :stuck_out_tongue: so ha!

Yea me too :wink: But he’s a RHP so how the heck you throw a lefty curveball with your right hand?

my bad i just didnt think about it very much when writing it.

wow that looks stupid though thanks

josh beckett. he is just dominating lately and will probably end up with around 20 wins and a low 3 era.

1-7 is a righty. or lefty screwgie

You totally forgot Josh Beckett, he is just dominating the strikezone. I think in his second-last start he had 19 strikes out of 23 pitches in the first 2 innings

There are definitely more pitchers in the mix especially with Greinke slowing down. Felix has a shot, Beckett has a shot, Halladay, Greinke, Verlander, Edwin Jackson, Lester? Every team seems to have at least 2 in the AL. Oh well, I vote for Halladay because now he has NOTHING to prove and he will STILL win 8 more games Im sure.

In my mind any one of these guys could win it:
Greinke, Beckett, Washburn, Jackson, Halladay or Verlander. I think it will be Washburn, who has been amazing just doesn’t have lots of wins. or Beckett because he has been on fire lately and the red sox always seem to win when he pitches following a red sox loss.

Beckett has been good the past couple of games he has pitched and will probale end up with 20 but so will sabathia, Halladay and King Felix. Washburn is all about the ERA and Seattle just wont support him. Greinke would be a shoe-in for Cy Young if he played for a Boston Red Sox or a New York Yankess or even Texas. One thing i just gotta think is should KC trade him? I mean his value will probale never be higher after this season and the amount of Prospects and players they could get for him could really give them a helping hand. Same for Soria who i think is one of the best closers in the Majors again he would fetch some nice talent.

king felix

King Felix is having a good year no doubt about that. But what has convinced me that Halladay is this years Cy Young is his performance even when he looses he is filthy and he rarely gives up more than 3 runs. It’s the same with Verlander, he made a start at Yankee Stadium recently struck out 7 and had some sick stuff like a 100mph Fastball and then changing it to a 79mph change-up. He only conceded 1 run but still lost.

Justin Verlander all the way this year. I believe he’s still leading the AL in strike outs right now and is looking very dominate. Fast ball that touches triple digits and a sick curveball.