Akron aeros knuckleball pitcher

Aeros report: Steven Wright having success with knuckleball

I was listening to Phil Niekro being interviewed today during the Indians / Marlins interleague game. Niekro said he had helped Tom Candiotti with his knuckleball and in turn Candiotti recently has been mentoring Steven Wright of the Akron Aeros, AA Affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

Niekro also talked about his induction into the Hall of Fame. Asked what he thought about as he was being handed the bronze plaque, he said in essence that he didn’t think about any of the games he won or his on field experiences. He thought of how he wished his dad were there to enjoy the moment with him because his father taught him the knuckleball and played catch with him endlessly in the back yard. He also said he’d love to meet with Wright and help him with his kuckleball pitching.

Niekro is from Bridgeport, Ohio just across the river from Wheeling, West Virginia. His friend growing up, John Havlicek, is in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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