Aidan 14y pitching analysis




Looks to me like he is late getting his lower half moving towards the plate which is limiting his acceleration down the mound. At the top of the knee lift there is a slight move forward with the front hip, but then he stops, lowers his knee then starts moving towards home again. His front hip/butt should start moving towards home during the knee lift and continue from there. Get his butt moving towards home earlier and faster. Good luck.


Sounds good, we will try that next lesson.


He has great mechanics. My son has similar style. Not that advanced though. Here’s a drill some one recommended to us for hip lead.

His toes and ankle and point straight out on 45 degrees (foot). As does my sons also. I’ve seen two what I would call Elite pitchers we faced this season . Kids throwing really hard. Both these kids toes pointed down to dirt(on leg lift). Wondering if anyone has opinion on this. Or is it just personal preference thing?

Again he looks great!!!