Ahhh So It Starts Again!

Soo this is pretty random but today was the first day being on the field in about a month, and can i say I loved being out on that field. Even though in texas its about a million degrees! I just wanted to say I love baseball and hopefully i feel the same way everyone else here does. The baseball field is an amazing place

Love it!

i had my first game in about a year since i had surgery and boy oh boy it felt awesome to be back on that field and get my feet wet. knew i was working hard to get back to something!

Love it, played my first 2 games since end of the summer season on Saturday and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. 1.5 months off will do that to ya.


you got right. a baseall field is one of my favorite places to go.

Whoooo! Lets get the fall started!!

A club I was with had stadium privileges for an invitation session. I didn’t want to travel back and forth form home, nor did I want to incur motel expenses, so, I asked the stadium superintendent if there was a bunk room that I could use. He obliged. So I introduced myself to security, settled in with a collection of signing water pipes, and a random clink-n-clank here and there.

At about 9 pm, a security guard came by and asked if I knew the young man sitting on the field.
I had no idea what or who was on the field, but the guard said the man was there for tomorrow’s invitation session.

I made my way onto the field, and there on the skins between first and second base, was a young man who had been sent an invitation. Although I didn’t know the man, I motioned to the guard that everything was OK, and that I’d take from there.

It was obvious that I wanted to known “ what’s up?” I can almost recall, word for word, what was said to me:

“Coach, this is where I live. This is home for me. This is my life. I’m ready for this.”

As impressed as I was, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t dealing with some nutcase!

So, I started injecting a little humor into the meeting by asking him, “ if this is home, don’t you thing you should flip a few lights on?”

He smiled a bit, shrugged his shoulders then looked back and forth and started to point.

I asked, “ what are you doing?”

He said, “ what do ya think, a couple of end tables here and there, a couple of table lamps to match?”

We both started laughing. He then got up and started walking towards the parking lot exit.

Just before he hit the parking lot, he looked back at me and pointed to field, and remarked to me what a great place to make one’s living.

For a lot of people, baseball is not just a game, but a way of life. A way of life regardless if it’s in the amateur ranks or the professional game. Some find a way of making a buck with claims and gadgets, others have dreams of bigger and better days in the sun, and yet others fill a scrapbook of a time span that becomes more important as they age.

In any event, we all share a home that’s home itself - regardless of where it is on the planet. And home is where family is. A very large, diverse, family, that no matter where you are - time of day or night, the sounds are all the same … WELCOME HOME!.

Coach B.

Coach B,


Bravo Coach B!!!


You guys, we, everyone is richer for this man, this Coach.

You who read him, who get advice and cultivate his wisdom…you too have a responsibility…it is to ensure this sort of wisdom doesn’t escape us. I knew a man, he was one of the first 200 navy SEALS, he had a life, he saw and knew, he lived through such an unreal period…and was witness to much of it…he left this earth without it being chronicaled, he left without much more than my incomplete and dim narrative which would do such a life no justice.
You who appreciate this great man…you have a responsibility…you carry it on…or we lose one who shines.

almost cried. :cry:

That’s deep. When I have my children, I want them to have a sport that they love more than life. I can’t imagine my life without them. All my best memories include something related to sports. I wish i was as deep rooted as you guys, but man its tough.

Great post.

Way to go coach b! right on!

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