Agility Drills

hey guys whats up. Do agility drills help for pitching at all and increasing velocity at all. Because right now i might add these agility drills into my workout 3 times a week. Here is where i got them.

WIll these help my pitching or is it just a waste. Please comment

Even if it does or doesn’t it will make you a better athlete.

Agility drills absolutely help. All things being equal, a better athlete will be a better pitcher. Successful pitching depends on muscle balance, conditioning, and solid mechanics.

And that’s what pitchers’ fielding practice is—or should be—all about.
I remember the day when Ed Lopat showed up at an unused field near Yankee Stadiium with a bunch of guys he said were just some kids he had rounded up to be infielders, and we spent a whole afternoon on all aspects of fielding the position. He had told me once that when a pitcher steps off the rubber s/he becomes a fifth infielder and has to be able to do all the things infielders do, and so we practiced this. It was a strenuous workout, and a lot of fun besides, and later when it was all over he surprised me. Those weren’t kids—they were a few of the Yanks’ second-line infielders, and he felt that I would get a big kick out of participating with them in this. Believe me, I got more out of that one afternoon than most pitchers do in weeks. You know, there’s nothing quite like grabbing a line-drive comebacker and quickly firing to third base to cut down a runner trying to steal it!
Incidentally, Lopat had started out as a first baseman, and when he converted to a pitcher in the minors he brought those fielding skills with him. :slight_smile: