Ok im from australia and i have no clue on wat age a freshman, etc. are. Can someone please tell me?

a freshman is a first year student, sophomore 2nd, junior 3rd, senior 4th. What gets confusing is that this applies to both high school and college.

A freshmen in highschool is 14 turning 15, and college would be about 18.

Here we just call at by the grade your in e.g year 7, year 8, etc.
I just didnt no wat age they were.


no problem, in canada thats pretty much what we do, grades 1-12, its just americans messing it up lol.

Lmao raggin on the Americans huh?

Were the smart ones, Year 9 Hazing just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Freshman Hazing… theres a dreaded phrase.

hha we call it gummering

I have my own name for it… Hell

Actually the ages vary a bit more than that. Many HS freshman are 15 going on 16 and they have a significant advantage over the younger ones if the physiological ages match up with the chronological ages.

here in alberta we call gummering something else, haha.
In canada we call it Grade 9.
Or Grade 9 hazing.