Age to sign to pro ball

i’m now 22 years old and i would want to know if i still have chance to sign to pro baseball… i’m left handed pitcher and currently attending a junior college in georgia… i had a pretty good fall pitching 18 inings… my fastball was like 86 87 topping out 89. i’m kinda confused because georgia junior college conference is good and somebody told me that this a good place to play ball and where scouts definetly gonna be, but i’m not sure if i still have chance to get draft or sign as a free agent…

You still have time. As long as you stay presistant with what you want to do you still have a shot. Just because you don’t get noticed or picked up right off the spot don’t quit. Things like signing with the pros is serious and takes a while. Give it some time if you really want to take you game to the next level.

A lot of times teams will hold open call tryouts. You might want to find out when tryouts will be in your neck of the area and go to one.

Don’t wait and hope, take action to find out. Go to Steve’s pro baseball try out section and see if the Braves have something going on. Playing ball in Ga. gets you close to the Grapefruit League spring training in Florida, see if you can get down there and talk to people. Life seldom pulls up to the door and says “Hey dude here’s a career” in anything really.
I strongly urge you to make a plan, implement it and if it doesn’t get the results that you expect, adjust it.
Baseball is desire, you will play to the level you can reach through whatever drive and determination you have to reach that level.
Good Luck, Get to Work!