Age and advice on my future


Hello, I’m looking for a little help! I am a little older and I played a high level of baseball up until two years ago when I moved to a small town where my papa was ill. I am 19 years old and I want to know if I’m too old to get back into baseball at this point is there a future for me ? If I need to add specs I am 6’5" I am a sidearm pitcher 4SFB 91mph 2SFB 89mph SweepingCRV 79mph SLD 86MPH CHG 85mph (these are average* speeds over 30 pitches)


If your 6’ 5" sidearm at 91 I would think you have a pretty easy time finding a college that would very interested.


Also is it a downside that I cannot throw over the top? When I was younger I thought I was throwing overhand until someone asked me why I whipped my arm sideways all the the time! At that point I decided to focus on it more!


Two words: "Pedro Martinez"
Two more words: “Randy Johnson”

Given your velocities, if you can command some of those pitches then I think someone will be interested in you.


Agree with @Roger. Randy Johnson and Pedro are great examples. Lots of modern pitchers too. Can you post some video for us to see?


Haha exactly. There are about three guys in the majors that can touch 90 from a truly sidearm delivery. Not saying I don’t believe you Sidearm, but those pitches are high D1 worthy if not pro ball stuff. And 19 is young. So yeah go find somewhere to play. Coaches will drool over that if it’s legit.


I wasn’t saying that doubting him.
Just trying to encourage him.
I went to several D1 games this year. My hometown team was a very solid D1 program (UNR) who was ranked pretty highly at one point this year. I saw Nevada, Fresno St., Univ. of San Francisco, New Mexico…I counted 3 or 4 90mph fastball throwers total. I am sure there were others on each team I did not see. I did not see one guy sitting 92+. The guys I saw that were hitting 90+ were sitting 88-90 touching 91 or 92 from traditional arm slots.
A sidearm guy that can create a different look with movement with that kind of velo should be a great get for a program. A day 1 closer type if nothing else if he has good control. Many highly regarded baseball JCs would jump a kid like this too if his main priority is getting work and getting drafted.


These were my numbers from 2 years ago so I’m unsure of what they are now! I haven’t been throwing since so they’re probably down a little bit down but I can get them up I believe! Now that my personally issues are done with and I can go right for it and focus directly on ball. I feel like my velocity is high solely due to the fact I have only been throwing sidearm since the day I got into baseball and didn’t transition like most ball players do! Now… I just gotta find out how to get a school to look at me. They always turn me away after I say that I didnt play for 2 years


Find a JC.
I know of a team in Ca that had a 25 year old freshman and a 24 year old freshman.


I’ll try that then! And try reapplying at some places! I feel like I just need a look and that will be my shot!