After pitching my inside of my elbow hurts

I did not play baseball last year. But im back and pitching now. And after every about 10 pitches. My inside of my elbow starts to hurt. Can anybody help explain this? Im 16 years old.

Do you stretch your elbow or forearm before throwing?

I ask because I used to have pain in High School because my coach had all the pitchers doing elaborate arm stretches before throwing. I soon developed pain I never had before along the inside of my elbow after throwing 30-40 game intensity pitches. So I just pretended to stretch with the group and instead of using the half-filled dixie cups of frozen water we were supposed to ice our arms with while the trainers watched, I ran mine under hot water to make it look like I’d been icing for several minutes. The pain went away almost overnight and never returned. I was pretty sure it was the palm up stretch where you pull your fingers down toward the ground.

The other thing is perhaps you are gripping the ball too hard.

Sometimes when someone starts throwing for the first time in awhile, you may get small tears in your inner elbow since your arm is working harder than it has in awhile. Either that or maybe you rushed yourself, didn’t warm up, stuff like that. If it persists, stop immediately, rest like 2-3 weeks, if that doesn’t do the trick, evaluate your mechanics, your workout regime (You may be doing exercises incorrectly, I found out that I was doing hammer curls incorrectly that contributed to elbow pain for me last year, ever since I did them properly, I haven’t had elbow problems) and check with a doctor.