After i pitched or long tossed

hey guys whats up. I was wondering what i should do after i long toss and pitch. When i really air the ball out at like 280-300ft for like 10 throws my arm gets a little sore. Anyways whats the best way to help me arm recover for the next day. How long should i ice my elbow and rotator cuff. Also should i run after i long toss or not? if so how long.

Same with pitching a small bullpen 30-50 pitches. Should i ice then run. If i do run how long. And do i run the next day as well?

As of right now i am just running sprints every single day.

I run from home-1st in around 3.94 seconds. Best time is 3.82.

Also in the offseason do you run long distance every day as a pitcher or do you still do sprints? Because i would love to do sprints every single day for 365 days. I know you got to run at leastt a 2-4 mile run once a week.